Thursday, June 25, 2015

So, Who is Your Teacher BFF?

Have you been reading the Facebook posts lately about the different types of teachers, and if you have a “teacher bff?” I have to say I’ve never given much thought as to what type of teaching personality I have or my fellow teachers have. But I do know that after reading the articles I can see myself and others in the A or B traits and most especially the introverts.
It’s the teacher “bff’s” that has sparked the most interest with me. I knew when I started teaching I would forge relationships with my students, and even thought that I’d probably get close to a few of my special parents. But I have to say I never dreamed how enriched my life would become from the friendships I have reaped while working with these amazing women; my teacher bff’s.
I am so blessed to have more than one go to gal in my school. We are not only there for each other on school days, but these are people I genuinely enjoy sharing my life with outside of school.
If I’m having a down day there is always at least one there to pick me up. If I am exploding with ideas and excitement someone is always there to cheer with me (or listen to my crazy ideas and thoughts). If I’m having a sad mom moment they are there to wipe my tears or cry along with me. Annoying hubby day, they chime in with their best “mines annoying too” stories.  The list is endless and the gratitude I feel toward them is eternal.
I am blogging today because of one such friend. She asks me about my blog and when I tell her I feel no one reads or cares what I write, she simply says “I do.” She lifts me up when she’s the one that should be lifted.
To say these women are amazing and our relationships cherished is an understatement. They make me want to be a better teacher, friend, and person. They are who I laugh with, cry with, and feel the need to be a part of their lives and them mine.
I started teaching because of the kids- what keeps me teaching are the relationships. Do you have a teacher bff? I am so blessed to have a few.    

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All About the Bass...Base SOL#16/31

I have that song running through my head. You know the one sticks and plays over and over. But not the whole song, just the part I can remember. Over and Over.
Because you know I'm all about that bass,
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble
I'm all 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass
Now that’s not the normal type of song that runs through my head. I’m more of a I’ve had the time of my lifeOr a Blue skies looking at me, nothing but blue skies do I seetype of gal.
But that Bass song just really has me hooked. And it got me to thinkingThat’s what writing is all aboutthe basswell the base.
It’s the base for everything we do, and it’s the base of all I teach. In the rawest of forms writing is the base. It’s where we begin in Kindergarten. It’s where we begin our children long before that. From the first moment we place a marker, crayon, or pencil in our child’s hands we have started that base.
As a teacher I start the school year finding what type of base my students have, then use my knowledge and input to help them build on that base, stretching and pulling, prodding and uplifting until the base is stronger and everything stacked on top of it is a solid structure.
My base is my love of writing. That is the structure I hope to pile on each and every one of students’ writing lives.  
Sometimes the base seems too hide or crumble if not tended to each day. That is what happened this year. Not only through this challenge, but in my writing life in general. But as I reflect on the whys. Look deeply to the how comes, I can’t help but hear that it’s “all about the base.”
And so here I am at the end looking back to the beginning, the very beginning and finding my base is still intact. Now it’s up to me to start building my writing life once again.
Thank you Slice of Life for letting me leave, reflect, and return once again. 

All About the Bass

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sometimes SOL #16 of 30

We started our month long unit on poetry today...just a few days early. Tonight poetry slice of what we all might feel like from time to time. 
Sometimes you feel like you’re standing alone
But I am there.
Sometimes you feel like it’s not enough
But it is a something.
Sometimes you feel like no one is listening
But I hear.
Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one that sees
But I have you in my sight.
Sometimes you feel like a broken record stuck on the same song playing again and again
But I know the next verse, your verse.
Sometimes you will cry and want to give up
But I will dry your eyes and cheer you on.
You’ve got this! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Am Back SOL 15 on Day 29 2015

What I have learned from my month of Slicingor lack thereof. I have sliced a total of fourteen days this month. Fourteen. That is a record for me, and not necessarily a good record. For the past five years I have happily joined in this challenge, and waited keenly for March to come.
This year was no differentuntil about halfway through the month. It was then that I lost the spark. I lost my desire or want to write. I felt my writing was not fresh or worthy enough to be put out there.
My husband asked the other day about my slicing and I told him “ehhhh I have lost the want to.” He seemed surprised and maybe a little worried.
My good friend asked me tonight how the slicing was going. I felt like a failure saying I’d given up, saying I wasn’t doing it any more.
I don’t know why I let it go to the wayside. I could say I was busy, or there were too many distractions. But I feel it was something more.  I felt.repetitive and repetitious. I heard in my writing a tiresome writer and monotonous voice. I felt to be writing the same things I had written in the past, and I didn’t want to be that writer.
But I don’t want to be the writer that doesn’t write either. I find myself comparing my angst to my students and I wonder what I would tell them. And I thinkI’d’s okjust keep writing.
And so here I am almost too late, writing once again. I need to remember to write through the tough days, to write through the boringness, to write through the guilt of writing noneducational writing on here, and write through the not writing.
I am almost too late. But I am back and writing thanks to the kick in the pants from a husband and my friend.      

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Great Day SOL14 2015

Missing a day of slicing is like cheating on your diet or missing a day of exercise. The guilt is awful. The next day all you can think of is how you’ll do better, how you’ll never let it happen again, how this will be the last time. It’s awful I tell you. But not today.
Today was a great day.
I slept in past dawn.
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
I talked my hubby into going to Lowes and buying new flooring.
Had a fun conversation with a friend.
Took my daughter lunch.
I played in the yard with my pup.
I found some fruit trees for my yard and went to supper with my hubby and daughter.
And now I am slicing.
It was a good day.
No Guilt! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Puppy Posting SOL12 2015

This slice has been brought to you by an overzealous puppy who wants my attention every time I pull out my laptop. Giant paws on the number keys and this is what you get. Puppy Slicing at its best!
I’m off to cuddle my pup! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Boys Are Rock Stars SOL11 2015

Every morning we spend thirty minutes silently reading in second grade. It gives me time to do “office duties,” the kids (and me) time to settle in. It is time to catch a few readers one on one and listen to kids tell me about a book they’re reading. But mostly it is reading. Silently. For thirty minutes.
The kids love it. I love that they love it. I have been known to give a few extra minute to read when everyone seems content in their spots.
The other day we had such a day. “Can we read until recess Mrs. Klinger?” “Oh we really have a lot to get to, I don’t know.” Pleeeeeessssee they ask. I look around and notice that most of them are reading and not asking.
One book loving girl asks again, “can we please Mrs. Klinger?” I look around one more time. “OK,” I relented, “just until recess.”  Cheers all around.
One of my lil guys happens by about that time. He leans in as if he has a deep dark secret to bestow upon me. I lean in and he says “I knew it, girls are good at convincing.” And then “But boys are good rock stars.”
Cracked me up. Love these kids!