Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Am Back SOL 15 on Day 29 2015

What I have learned from my month of Slicingor lack thereof. I have sliced a total of fourteen days this month. Fourteen. That is a record for me, and not necessarily a good record. For the past five years I have happily joined in this challenge, and waited keenly for March to come.
This year was no differentuntil about halfway through the month. It was then that I lost the spark. I lost my desire or want to write. I felt my writing was not fresh or worthy enough to be put out there.
My husband asked the other day about my slicing and I told him “ehhhh I have lost the want to.” He seemed surprised and maybe a little worried.
My good friend asked me tonight how the slicing was going. I felt like a failure saying I’d given up, saying I wasn’t doing it any more.
I don’t know why I let it go to the wayside. I could say I was busy, or there were too many distractions. But I feel it was something more.  I felt.repetitive and repetitious. I heard in my writing a tiresome writer and monotonous voice. I felt to be writing the same things I had written in the past, and I didn’t want to be that writer.
But I don’t want to be the writer that doesn’t write either. I find myself comparing my angst to my students and I wonder what I would tell them. And I thinkI’d’s okjust keep writing.
And so here I am almost too late, writing once again. I need to remember to write through the tough days, to write through the boringness, to write through the guilt of writing noneducational writing on here, and write through the not writing.
I am almost too late. But I am back and writing thanks to the kick in the pants from a husband and my friend.      

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Great Day SOL14 2015

Missing a day of slicing is like cheating on your diet or missing a day of exercise. The guilt is awful. The next day all you can think of is how you’ll do better, how you’ll never let it happen again, how this will be the last time. It’s awful I tell you. But not today.
Today was a great day.
I slept in past dawn.
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
I talked my hubby into going to Lowes and buying new flooring.
Had a fun conversation with a friend.
Took my daughter lunch.
I played in the yard with my pup.
I found some fruit trees for my yard and went to supper with my hubby and daughter.
And now I am slicing.
It was a good day.
No Guilt! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Puppy Posting SOL12 2015

This slice has been brought to you by an overzealous puppy who wants my attention every time I pull out my laptop. Giant paws on the number keys and this is what you get. Puppy Slicing at its best!
I’m off to cuddle my pup! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Boys Are Rock Stars SOL11 2015

Every morning we spend thirty minutes silently reading in second grade. It gives me time to do “office duties,” the kids (and me) time to settle in. It is time to catch a few readers one on one and listen to kids tell me about a book they’re reading. But mostly it is reading. Silently. For thirty minutes.
The kids love it. I love that they love it. I have been known to give a few extra minute to read when everyone seems content in their spots.
The other day we had such a day. “Can we read until recess Mrs. Klinger?” “Oh we really have a lot to get to, I don’t know.” Pleeeeeessssee they ask. I look around and notice that most of them are reading and not asking.
One book loving girl asks again, “can we please Mrs. Klinger?” I look around one more time. “OK,” I relented, “just until recess.”  Cheers all around.
One of my lil guys happens by about that time. He leans in as if he has a deep dark secret to bestow upon me. I lean in and he says “I knew it, girls are good at convincing.” And then “But boys are good rock stars.”
Cracked me up. Love these kids! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just For Today SOL 10 2015

I forgot to slice yesterday! I felt terrible. It just flat slipped my mind, until about an hour after I’d been in bedat midnightcentral time. It was sad. I did have my kids slice for the first time so there is that!
And today I am blank. I can’t seem to pull the words out to put them down to make any sense. So just for today I’m writing about today.
Just for today I will not worry about hitting snooze one more time.
Just for today I will not shave my legs and not worry about the lack of color on my toes.
Just for today I will not overeat and not drink Diet Pepsi.
Just for today I will drink in the warmth of the sun when I should be cleaning, grading, or writing.
Just for today I will let my pup ride with me to town in the front seat long ears flapping.
Just for today I will turn the music up loud and dance in my living room like no one can see.
Just for today I will give myself a break for the bad and revel in the good and think that tomorrow is a new day live in the now. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Every Woman I Know SOL8 2015

I have a friend who is one of the strongest people I know. She has faced challenges in life that most of us only read about in books or watch on Lifetime television. She has struggled and attuned, only to struggle again.
She has had a rough time lately. Old habits are hard to break, and sometimes easier to fall back into than face the hurdle of them occurring one.more.time.
But she is hanging in there. She is trying. She is not a quitter.
She has a family that loves her, friends that look up to her, and a child that needs her. But her struggles are real. Her needs are daunting. Yet she trudges through.
The tragedies she tells herself wake her in the night and try to creep into her dreams making a spectacle of her tenacity to do better.
The demons she entertains demoralize the righteousness of her actions and taunt her telling her she doesn’t deserve better. But she does.  
She has a plan, a resolve to do better, to find her way out of the darkness once again.
A plan is good, a step toward the light. I am here for her, holding the torch of faith. Letting her know she is never alone, and home, health, and happiness are but one heartbeat away.
I am so proud of her strength. We will endure this struggle together.
If only just for today. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

I told You SOL#7 2015

Today was a great day. Family, friends, and surprises. 
Today I pulled of a surprise party for my husband. He was surprised. 
I was shocked I pulled it off.
I told him I had a women’s auxiliary meeting at HIS fire department.
I told him I was not happy about it but I would go.
I told him it was a lunch and I had to take potatoes.
He told me not to go, but told him I should.
He helped me carry out the food. He felt bad for me.
I told him I would be ok.
The kids told him they were going to the movies.
About forty five minutes later I called and told him my tire was flat, could he come and take a look at it.
He told me he would.
He came to the department. He was shocked. He was surprised. He told me he hadn’t a clue.
I told you it was a great day!