The Book Whisperer Read Along

My first impression of this book was "this is me." Teaching was my second career. I love to read, have always loved to read, I reread and mark in the books I read,  as a first grade teacher I love to teach kids to read, and I have always thought there is a better way than what I am doing. I have spent every summer (and much of the school years) trying to find better ways to help my students learn to read, learn to love reading, and better ways to make me a "better" teacher. I wanted to "get it right" like Donalyn writes on page 13.

My real "Ah-Ha" (I have a bag I keep my Ah-Ha's in) was on page 14 when she writes of what Susie Kelly her curriculum facilitator said to her "If you ever think you have all the answers, it's time to retire." I have always thought there is something wrong with me because I'm always reexamining what I do, how I teach.

My next favorite passage is from pages 17 and 18  when she speaks of all the books she read from the experts and practitioners "The structure of the workshop drove everything I did, and it left me frustrated." "I forgot what workshop teaching was all about-my role as master reader-which goes beyond just following a lockstep sequence of lessons that some distant guru had advised me to use." Can we get an AMEN!

And finally the biggest Ah-Ha to stick in my bag from chapter one - page 18 "I accept that I may never arrive at teaching paradise, but as long as I hold on to my love of books and show my students what it really means to live as a reader, I'll be a lot closer than I once was." DING DING DING bells and whistles going off here. I think I may even hear angles singing- and one of them may be named Donalyn.

I loved everything about this book and can hardly wait for the next chapter- to reread. I posted on my question link that Donalyn will be at the All Write summer institute in northern Indiana next June. She was there this summer as a guest. It was one of the best workshops I have ever been to. My husband drove me 700+ miles to attend (we live in Oklahoma). He told me next year I have to fly :) anyone care to join me? lol

When I went to wordle it kept crashing (I think too many of us are trying to use it today). I found this great site to use today and I'll be having my kiddos use it this year too. it even has grade specific word clouds. You may already know about it, but it was a cool new find for me. :)


  1. It's like reading my own thoughts! I love that you found a new resource to use instead of Wordle..I am on my way to check it out now.
    Thinking of Teaching

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