I've been away

A week ago Saturday my family and I set out for a vacation wrapped in professional development for me. We left Oklahoma at 8:00am and crossed into Indiana by 6:00 that evening. We spent the night just inside Indiana and then headed out the next morning to Warsaw, Indiana and the "All Write Conference." And boy was it worth the trip! The presenters were AMAZING! Katie Wood Ray, Debbie Miller, Ann Marie Corgill, Georgia Heard, Lester Laminick, Jeff Anderson, and the list goes on.

I am writing my reflections from the sessions I went to on my other blog "first grade & fence posts."

One session I went to was presented by a group of teachers, and was about "quality tools" for the classroom. It was very interesting and a bit overwhelming.
One concept I became interested in is the "data board." I vaguely remember reading about these before, but have never seen one in use.

Do any of you use data boards in your classrooms? If so, how do use them, and what do you put on them?

Thanks for sharing!

T. Klinger

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