Read Along Questions

Thinking of Teaching is hosting a read along about The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. I read it in one day, the day it came in the mail. Now I am rereading it chapter by chapter with the read along. If you want a great book to read about teaching kids to read run out and get your copy today. Thinking of Teaching has interviewd Donalyn and has her answers on her blog. She has also asked us to join in, so here are my answers.

1) What is your favourite book (or series) from childhood? The Ugly Duckling

2) What is your favourite book (or series) now? I love anything by Kristin Hannah

3) What is your opinion of e-readers? Love, love, love, my Ipad

4) Finish this sentence: "On Sundays I like to..." spend time with my family having cook-outs in the summer or big family meals in the winter.

5) Describe yourself in 5 words! Mother, wife, writer, teacher, learner

6) Hardcover or paperback? Why? Doesn't matter as long as it is a good book.

7) Coffee or Tea? only tea, iced and not too strong
Just a FYI if you live in or close to Indiana Donalyn Miller will be at the All Write summer workshop June 21, and 22, 2012. She was there this year but only as a guest, next year she will be presenting.

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