And the winner is....

It's a bit early but my sweety pie husband is taking us girls to the BIG city of Tulsa tomorrow to go SHOPPING for school clothes and such. SOOO since I haven't had any newbies in a day or two (ok, ok it would help if I would blog every day....) I decided to go ahead and do my drawing for the door prize!

And the winner is...    

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Random NUMBER TWO-Mindy at is my winner. Mindy please email me which bag you'd like and what you'd like written on it and I will order it Sunday at my Open House. If I don't hear from you by then I might have to pick someone else! :)
Here is a link to the NEW fall catalog  The All-in-one organizer is the one you have one #3258 if you click on the bag it will bring up a better view of the fabric. The thread and lettering are on pages 46-47. Pick your color and style!
On a school note I have been very busy in my classroom! I have cleaned and reorganized every drawer, tub, cabinet, and file! I got smart and paid my daughter and a girlfriend to rubber band all my decodables and leveled books together in groups according to the story they go with so I can just grab the group I need each week. Money well spent! My daughter even made a spreadsheet of which decodables and leveled books go with each story. If anyone would like a copy of her hard word just send me a message. It is for Scott Foresman Reading Street Grade 1.
Congratulations Mindy!


Late Update

So busy,busy, busy. I'm trying to get my classroom in order and ready, and have it all done by Saturday so I can "relax" the last few days before school. By relax I mean help my son get moved home from his internship and into a new place for his final semester in college. Get my daughter ready for school with new supplies and clothes for her final year in high school. Get ME ready to start grad. classes the week after school starts. Get all the paperwork and notes ready for my new kiddos. And host my very first 31 party. All the while trying to hold it together because of the above mentioned "last years of high school and college." sniff sniff.

I am so excited by the comments and followers I have been getting. Mrs. Loftis is a brand new blogger check out her  cute new page at  Thank you to everyone for the nice comments. I will draw for our door prize next Thursday July 28th so tell all your friends and good luck!

I will hopefully have pictures to post soon of my new and improved classroom, clean file cabinets and all!

I have decided to add to my chore list for my kiddos this year. Last year I kept with the "cafe'" theme and had: Sous Chef- teacher helper
               Waitress/Waiter- passed out things
               Buss Person- picked up trash and took out trash bags
               Host/Hostess- greeted people at the door
               Kitchen staff- Squirted soap on hands before lunch (Bath and Body Works Antibacterial)
This year I have decided to add:
               Accountant- will count days in school and write the number of the day on the board
               Manager- will make sure folders are turned in and plants watered
And I am going to change the waitress job to taking a lunch count and posting it in the hall, and have the manager pass out papers/folders etc.
Last year I wrote every one's name on plastic spoons and drew for jobs each week, and just wrote their names next to the job title on my whiteboard. This year I think I will print the jobs on chef hats with Velcro and stick them on pictures of the kiddos I take the first day. This is what I envision them to look like. We'll see!


WOOO HOOO and a Door Prize!

Oh my gosh I am SO excited! When I went to bed last night I had 12 followers. When I woke up this morning I had 15.... and when I came back from town (Ok, I live outside of the city limits (a very small city) so we call going shopping, the bank, out to eat... "going to town" like my grandparents did yearrrrrrrrs ago) awhile ago I had 18!! count them! 18 followers WOOO HOOO. I am on my way. I have not been very good about posting items or trying to sell things (mostly because I can't figure out how to get those darn documents posted, but I'm working on it), but now that it is getting closer to school starting I will be trying to post a little more thoughts, ideas, finds, practices, etc. I probably won't have a TPT but I do now have a Pinterest (thank you to the girl from facebook that invited me) and I am trying to think of a "linky party." It seems like every time I think of something BAM someone else beats me to it, great minds think alike I've found! I'll bet it was because of Yearn to Learn and Mrs. Bainbridges Class that I have my new friends (followers). If you haven't linked up with their parties yet hop on over. It's a lot of fun!

Well because of my good fortune I thought I'd show you what I found on my trip to "town" and offer a "door prize" to someone that visits the Klinger Cafe' and leaves a comment and becomes a follower (unles you already are then you just need to comment).
I have to admit I don't go to "town" a lot (even the school I teach at is just a half mile from my house), and I am not a typical teacher that searches for bargains, or LOVES to shop. (ok I love shoes but not to shop). I am usually too late or too early to get a bargain, and I never go back when I say I will so I miss out on most of the good stuff....that and the fact that we only have Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Staples, and a million Dollar stores in our town. So when I go shopping it is usually with a purpose.
Today I did not have a purpose other than killing time until it was time to eat lunch with my hubby. I decided Hobby Lobby would be the best place to kill an hour. Can you believe they are already FULL of Christmas items...but back to my find. On the clearance isle they had some odds and ends of summer items (really? it's going to be 107 today!) and I found these cute little water bottles. We start school in four weeks and in Oklahoma it is still going to be 107+ degrees, so it is important to keep those hot little bodies hydrated. These will be great to place on their desks (or those shelves my hubby promised to build me) and refill as needed. AND they were... .50 cents each! yep only .50 cents. I bought 20. The other items I found were those cute little "silly bands" that kids were driving me crazy with last year  that were so cute last year.  They were a dollar a package and will be fun for our first few days when we do our "I Feel Silly" mini-unit (more on that later).

I still had 30 minutes to waste so I decided to go next guessed it the Dollar store. In there I found these awesome file folders in packages of 3 for a dollar, and clip magnets for my white board 50 cents each. I bought 6 of each!

 Which reminded me of another great find I found at the beginning of summer (about the last time I went shopping). I found this notebook at Staples (sorry I don't remember the price). It is just like the ones I use for my kiddos "MENU" notebooks but smaller-about 5x7inches. They also sell dividers and pocket folders to fit inside.
They will be great for me to keep conferring and anecdotal notes in.
SO this FINALLY brings me to my "DOOR PRIZE!!" I have
                                                                                  recently become a

And so I thought I would give away a Thirty-one "All-In-One Organizer" bag to One lucky "commenter/follower" They are great for holding file folders, notebooks, journals, and more.
 Don't my new file folders go really well with my bag? Ok I like bags, and shoes. I'm going to keep my kiddos files in here, and then when I need to bring it home I can just grab the bag and go!
 There are 18 files in there right now, and my notebook with tons of room to spare. What could you use yours for?
 Just leave a comment, and your blog name or address-become a follower of Klinger Cafe'  and you can pick the color, and lettering you'd like to have placed on yours. You can see the different styles and a catalog by clicking on My Thirty-One link.
 This is what I have written on mine! Not only does it match my new folders, it matches my polka-dot rocking chair in my classroom. I'll show it to you next week, and how I use the large organizing bag beside it.

Thanks for stopping by and happy commenting, following, and blogging!

Good Luck!

Glad I'm not the only one...

Ok I WAS going to bed but this is too fun of a linky party to miss. Mrs. Bainbridge over at is hosting "things my teacher says" and I have to agree with Mrs. Dillard at sometimes my smart mouth gets the best of me. Luckily I teach at rural school in the same community I live in, and most know me pretty well (at least I think that is a good thing :D). My favorite saying is "YOU can be the teacher on Saturday?" and "Do you look like me? Then you must not be the teacher." I used these a lot last year with a little guy who thought he was in charge ALL the time. Another one I've been quoted for saying (by the kids) is when a child calls me "teacher" (big pet peeve) I look at them and say "Yeah kid" or "Yes student." This always cracks the other kids up, and soon they are saying "Her name is Mrs. Klinger!" When another calls me "teeeeecher."  The preK teacher next door always tells the kids "somebody needs to call the WHAAAbulance" when they think they are hurt more than they are. It cracks the little ones (and big ones) up.
Fun Linky party! Thanks Mrs. Bainbridge I can hardly wait to read the clever comebacks!

My First project with Lettering Delights

I just made my first project with letters I bought from Lettering Delights and Scrappin Doodles that I just discovered from the MANY blogs that I stalk. I always make a take home notebook for my kiddos to carry class/homework, projects, notes, and reading in every night. They take it home in the afternoon go through it with mom or dad each night (hopefully) and bring it back the next morning. I  use the clear view binders like these from Staples.
And use tabbed pocket dividers inside to place books, notes, etc. This year I'm going to label each tab with the letters M-E-N-U   M will be for things parents need to Monitor such as homework or notes, E will be for Enjoy, items for them to keep, N-is for Needs things we may need in class or their student may need and U is for Urgent notes and things that need taken care of right away. 
They are called our "MENU'S" and the kids always enjoy looking through them the first day. Here is the cover I came up with this year thanks to Scrappin Doodles and Lettering Delights!
What I haven't figured out is how to get it to show up as the regular document and now it's if you want to see it you'll just have to click on the link :) maybe tomorrow!

More thinking about the beginning from the end...

This spring I read a really good book called The Friendship Bread by author Darien Gee. I ordered on my iPad one windy weekend for something to read as the wind howled around us. It is a great story about how the loss of a child affects, mother, father, the marriage, family members, friendships, and most importantly the children in the home. It weaves the sadness and sorrow of a woman fighting her way back from devastation and guilt while still trying to hold onto the life she had, and through it all finds new connections and friendship from a “chain” recipe.  
I liked it so much I decided to buy a few copies as gifts for a few of my friends. Just before school was out I ordered four books and made batches of starter. I know just about everyone has had the Amish Friendship Bread starter at one time or another, and you either love it or hate it. But I thought my friends would forgive me if I added a great book to read in the gift.
The last week of school I placed the book and starter in a gift bag along with a note about what their friendship means, and directions for the bread. I also added that as they passed on their batches of starter I hoped they would pass on the book as well for another friend to enjoy. I haven’t heard if the bread was a success or a flop (except for one; her dog had ate it while she was gone, I promised her a new batch, and hope the dog is ok J), or if they enjoyed the book, but maybe by the start of school they will have stories to share.  
The book has still been on my mind as I think about the beginning of school. The Friendship Bread has a facebook page and I am a fan, so it is still fresh in my mind. I usually start my school year with stories about friendship and friends, and we either make “friendship salad” or “friendship mix” to share in class. But I think this year I will do something different.
This year I am going to make the friendship bread starter with my kiddos and give each of them a bag to take care of and monitor.  This will not only integrate science, math, and writing standards it will also give us a sense of community and friendship to start our year with. When our starters are ready we’ll make our bread, divide the starter, and then find friends outside of our classroom to deliver our project to.
I won’t be reading Darien Gee’s novel to my kiddos but we will read other great books about friendship such as old favorites like; The Old Woman Who Named Things By Cynthia Rylant , Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes, and The Crayon Box That Talked by,  Shane Derolf and Michael Letzig. 
And some sure to be new favorites that are on my wish list to get this summer.

 I’m excited to get going on this project and hope the kids are as excited about their “friendship” as I am.

Issue Bin

I went to a workshop in June in Indiana (you might have read my reflections @ first grade and fence posts). One of the sessions I attended was presented by a group of teachers from the area. It was called "Top 10 Quality Teaching Tools." It was based on the Baldridge Criteria for Excellence -you can read more about it here-
The workshop was very informative but a bit overwhelming for me because I had never heard of this system before. I had heard of some of the "tools" they discussed, but have never used them in my classroom. Before we left for the day the presenters suggested to just take one or two of the tools and try them out this fall.
I came home and thought about their suggestions. I decided I could do as they suggested and implement one or two of the tools I'd learned about....except being the first grade teacher that I am...I decided to put my own spin on it...
The first one I decided to to try is the "Issue Bin" This is a place set up in the classroom for kids to place notes for needs, concerns, ideas, or "issues."  These are left on the chart until a class meeting or other appropriate times to discuss or handle.
I thought this would be something I could use for the kiddos to place their notes to me while I'm conferring with other kids, or working with small groups (instead of a pile of sticky notes on my reading table). It will also be a good alternative to "tattling." I will have the kiddos write their concern on a note and place it in the issue bin.
Now for my twist on the "bin." To me it seemed a little too "corporate" for my first grade kiddos so while I was thinking where I'd place my "issue bin" I came up with my alternative: "Issue BEN" I have not drawn it up as yet, but this is my plan and what I envision it to look like in my classroom.

Issue BEN
If you have a problem, gripe, concern or idea
Write it down, let it go, leave it with Ben
          until we can deliberate, delegate, decide, or define. 

I will put it on the board by our door, and before we leave each day we can check our "Ben" for things we need to address.
Do any of you have "Issue Bins" in your classrooms? If so I'd love to hear how you use them. Or if you use any of the other Baldridge tools I'd like to know how you implement them as well. I have some "takes" on a few of the other tools too.

Top 10 Linky Party

Mrs. Owens at Go Fourth With Mrs. Owens is having a Linky Party and I'm in a partying type of mood (and it keeps me from housework) so here are my top 10 things about me. Link on over to her blog and join in the fun. She also has a freebie for you.
10. I drink Diet Pepsi for breakfast
9. My whole family likes to hunt and fish, I do not, but I will cook it!
8. Home is my favorite place to be
7. I love to sit beside water but I don't like to be wet or swim
6. I've written a children's book and submitted it to some publishers (no response yet)
5. I'm always looking for a better way to teach
4. I like to wake up and be on my patio when the sun comes up in the summer
3. I love to have parties on my patio
2. I've been married 26 years to my high school boyfriend/best friend
1. I have 2 amazing kids; Kanten 21 and Hadley 17 they have brought more to my life than I ever dreamed possible, and they make their dad and I prouder every day.