Glad I'm not the only one...

Ok I WAS going to bed but this is too fun of a linky party to miss. Mrs. Bainbridge over at is hosting "things my teacher says" and I have to agree with Mrs. Dillard at sometimes my smart mouth gets the best of me. Luckily I teach at rural school in the same community I live in, and most know me pretty well (at least I think that is a good thing :D). My favorite saying is "YOU can be the teacher on Saturday?" and "Do you look like me? Then you must not be the teacher." I used these a lot last year with a little guy who thought he was in charge ALL the time. Another one I've been quoted for saying (by the kids) is when a child calls me "teacher" (big pet peeve) I look at them and say "Yeah kid" or "Yes student." This always cracks the other kids up, and soon they are saying "Her name is Mrs. Klinger!" When another calls me "teeeeecher."  The preK teacher next door always tells the kids "somebody needs to call the WHAAAbulance" when they think they are hurt more than they are. It cracks the little ones (and big ones) up.
Fun Linky party! Thanks Mrs. Bainbridge I can hardly wait to read the clever comebacks!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Your comments made me think of one more of mine which is, "We've been in school for 128 days. That means 128 times, you've _______. You should know how to do it by now!"

    My teacher neighbor uses that one too now!


  2. ha ha I had all kinds pop into my head after I went to bed. Like-"Do I look like your momma?" or "I'm not your mom clean up your messes"
    LOL poor kids..they really do love me as much I love them!

  3. Found you from this linky party and now following you! :)

    Fantastic 1st Grade