Late Update

So busy,busy, busy. I'm trying to get my classroom in order and ready, and have it all done by Saturday so I can "relax" the last few days before school. By relax I mean help my son get moved home from his internship and into a new place for his final semester in college. Get my daughter ready for school with new supplies and clothes for her final year in high school. Get ME ready to start grad. classes the week after school starts. Get all the paperwork and notes ready for my new kiddos. And host my very first 31 party. All the while trying to hold it together because of the above mentioned "last years of high school and college." sniff sniff.

I am so excited by the comments and followers I have been getting. Mrs. Loftis is a brand new blogger check out her  cute new page at  Thank you to everyone for the nice comments. I will draw for our door prize next Thursday July 28th so tell all your friends and good luck!

I will hopefully have pictures to post soon of my new and improved classroom, clean file cabinets and all!

I have decided to add to my chore list for my kiddos this year. Last year I kept with the "cafe'" theme and had: Sous Chef- teacher helper
               Waitress/Waiter- passed out things
               Buss Person- picked up trash and took out trash bags
               Host/Hostess- greeted people at the door
               Kitchen staff- Squirted soap on hands before lunch (Bath and Body Works Antibacterial)
This year I have decided to add:
               Accountant- will count days in school and write the number of the day on the board
               Manager- will make sure folders are turned in and plants watered
And I am going to change the waitress job to taking a lunch count and posting it in the hall, and have the manager pass out papers/folders etc.
Last year I wrote every one's name on plastic spoons and drew for jobs each week, and just wrote their names next to the job title on my whiteboard. This year I think I will print the jobs on chef hats with Velcro and stick them on pictures of the kiddos I take the first day. This is what I envision them to look like. We'll see!


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