First day in First Grade

What a great and looooong first day in first grade. We started our first year going fifteen minutes longer each day. It really wasn’t so bad, especially since I got a planning period today. But planning time means an extra 40 minutes with my new kiddosI think we will paint!

The day started with happy faces and only one or two tears. I only have one new kiddo to our school, and she was a bit overwhelmed, but as soon as I found her a recess partner she was all smiles.

Today we toured the school. We met new teachers and our new school nurse who is extra sweet. We read books and made class promises. We read two really cool new books; one was called the OK Book. The kids loved it. But they really liked The OOPS Book. It is a cute little book that shows how to take a mistake and turn it into something GREAT! We will definitely be reading it again. The REALLY great part was during writing workshop one little girl shared her story. She had bent a corner of her paper to make an OOPS, and then turned it into an awesome picture just like the book! I loved it! We did some celebrating with that one.

Only the first day of school but I think these kids are Brilliant!!! Ok talkative..but Brilliant!

We also wrote our ABC’s, and numbers as far as we could. Drew self-portraits and had a snowball fight!

The kiddos decided first grade is really different than Kindergarten. But I think they will be back tomorrow….

I wonder what we’ll do???


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  1. So glad to hear about your day, & so happy it went well. Here's to the next, & the next, & . . .