Gotta Glyph

Do you use glyphs in your classroom? I have used them some in the past and usually do one the first day of school. They hold a lot of information and are fun to hang outside the classroom door with the key for everyone to try and decode.

Since I’m doing the whole cooking/cafĂ© thing this year I thought it would be fun to make one up with a chef. I couldn’t find a chef that I liked to work for both boys and girls (and I am not a great artist) so I found one for each at Scrappin’ Doodles. I tried to keep my questions generic enough to work for both, but still give me some insight into my new kiddos.  

From these glyphs I’ll be able to tell if they know vowels from consonants. If they know the month their birthday falls. If they know their left from their right, and if they like/can read, write and know their colors. I will know who brings their lunch and who eats a hot lunch, and much more. But most importantly I will see who can follow directions the very first day of school!

Do you use glyphs in your classrooms? If so what kind and how do you use them? I’d love to see and learn about yours.




  1. I love using glyphs year round- I find it's a great following directions as well as with all of the other learning benefits. When I do projects with my kids, they learn early on that I will not show them the completed project because I want it to be their creation not a copy of mine. Glyphs are another way for kids to listen, think of their answer and add that part to their picture.

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  2. Hi Tammy - I used your adorable glyphs as a focal point in my character education bulletin board - you can copy/paste this link and scroll down to the bottom to find What's Cookin' In Your CHARACTER kitchen? Thanks for the collaboration!