Linky Party!

Oh Boy 4th grade is hosting a fun linky party. While I'm still trying to come up with a fun and clever idea for one... all these other great teachers are HAVING fun and clever ones.So I guess I'll join in and maybe one day an idea will come to me! Here are the details, but hurry there's only two days left to link!
THINK WRITE SHARE linky party.

So here is what you do...

Write down what you are currently







stalking (include 3 Blogs one has to be non teacher)

so here is mine...
THINK WRITE SHARE linky party.
Listening- to my eleven year old dog snore louder than my hubby. And Jason Aldean singing about dirt roads on the iKick.
Loving-finally having a semi-cool morning after a small shower last night and time to write on my patio before the sun gets too high
Thinking-I really need to be working on school things instead of blog stalking, and trying not to think about my daughter starting her senior year in four days L
Wanting-time to slow down and the days to remain sunny but not scorching
Needing-to get busy: laundry, school, dusting, groceries, the usual
Stalking-Primary Connections, Lory's Page, and The PioneerWoman (since she just lives down the road from meok its actually miles down a highway but we are PRACTICALLY neighbors) 

Happy Linking Y'all!                    


  1. Your adorable site is just begging for a Recipe Linky Party. Maybe your recipe for relaxation? For a sweet and simple snack? For social skills? Just a thought.

    The Corner On Character

  2. what a great idea! Seeeee now why didn't I think of that! lol It will be my project tomorrow. Thank you!