Be gentle with me it's my first time....

So here it is my first one. My very first Linky Party. I’ve worried and stewed, wondered and planned, and have finally  decided “just do it.” So you are all cordially invited to my “Recipe for a Great Year” Linky Party.

Barbara at helped me out with the idea from one of her comments. I thought “well duh, what a great idea!” So thanks to Barbara’s help I am hosting my first ever Linky Party. I hope everyone has a good time!

Like my parties at home (I do LOVE to host parties) I’d like everyone to bring their favorite dish, relax sit back and have a good time.

The recipes I’m looking for are recipes you may use in your classroom every year. Recipes that bring back old familiar childhood memories, or recipes that your own friends and family RAVE about and ask you to bring to every party.

I’ll start by sharing a family and party favorite of my friends and family. I found it on the web a few years ago I don’t remember from what site. It is super easy and super yummy!

Crock Pot Cake

1 box of Devil’s Food cake mix

1 small box of instant chocolate pudding

1 small bag of chocolate chips

1 cup of water

1 cup of oil

1 cup of sour cream

4 eggs

Mix everything well. Spray your crockpot with nonstick spray. Pour mixture in crockpot. Set on low for 6 hours or until the cake is not gooey in the middle depending on crockpot (try not to lift the lid too often…it is hard I know). Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t last long at our house.

Now one for my kiddos at school. At the beginning of our school year I do a friendship unit (like so many of you do). At the end of the unit we make “Friendship Muddle.” Each child is asked to bring 1 item to contribute to the mix (I always bring extra). We have read books, talked about being a good friend, and had over a week learning about friends and friendship.

Each child brings their item and we “muddle” it together in a large trash bag, which they get a kick out of. I then put the mixture in gallon size zip bags. I leave one at school and put the others in my freezer to keep fresh until we run out.

The kids enjoy the snack that day and every day until it runs out (it makes a lot)!

This year we will be making “Friendship Bread” too, but it takes a while before we can enjoy it.

Friendship Muddle

1 box of Honey Nut Cheerios

1 box of Cheerios

1 box of Chex cinnamon cereal

1 box of Chex multigrain cereal

1 box each Teddy Graham flavors

2 bags of white chocolate chips

2 bags of milk chocolate chips

2 bags of peanut butter chips

2 bags of dried cranberries

1 large bag of plain M&M’s

1 large bag of Peanut M&M’s

1 can of peanuts

1 box of pretzel Goldfish

1 box of tiny Ritz crackers

I always check for food allergies first, and use substitutions if I need to. It makes a HUGE amount and keeping the extra in the freezer keeps it fresh until the next bag is needed.

So there you have it. My very first Linky Party. I can hardly wait to see who all attends!

OH Wait!! It wouldn’t be a party without party favors! Since I don’t know how many will be “linking up” I guess I’ll just have to have one BIG favor to give one lucky attendee.

Since Ree Drummond and I are such CLOSE neighbors, and friends…ok she still doesn’t know I exist….and we really only live in the same county….ANYWAY I’m going to give her new AWESOME children’s book to one lucky party attendee.  “Charlie the Ranch Dog” it is a cute story about her dog Charlie and his life on their ranch. 
Good luck! And thanks for linking up y’all!

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