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Kanten, Hadley, Donnie-3 peas in a pod

Today is the first day of the Blog Hopper’s teacher week and we are supposed to introduce ourselves. I know most of you know me already but here’s the short version for all the rest.
My name is Tammy Klinger and I am first grade teacher in a small rural school in northern Oklahoma. This is my tenth year teaching and my eighth in first grade. My first year was spent teaching Pre K and 4th grade (yes in the same day), and I have done one year in second grade, but first grade is where my heart belongs.
Both of my children attended the school where I teach, and are now both seniors. Hadley my daughter is a senior in high school, and Kanten is a senior at OSU (go Pokes). I am very proud of these amazing people my babies have grown into. Donnie and I started dating when we were in high school and we have been married for over 26 years, and in love and best friends for over 30. There is nothing more important to me than my family. Most of my friends like to travel in the summer, and go out on the weekends. But for me the best part of my life is my home and having friends and family gathered there.
I started my first blog last year called “First Grade and Fence Posts” and soon fell into a blog stalker and avid blogger. I now have Klinger CafĂ© which is geared more toward my classroom life than First Grade and Fence Posts.

I am looking forward to returning to OSU this fall to begin my masters and I hope that blogging will be a big part of my degree. I am also looking forward to learning from my NEW student teacher, and working with my student teacher that was hired this year, who will be teaching next door.
I cannot live without Diet Pepsi in the AM (and PM), my reading table, rocking chair, new books, writing workshop, and chart paper at school; and writing on my patio at home.
I need to improve on conferring skills and organization-always, and not trying to impose my enthusiasm for new things and change on my fellow teachers.:)
Well I think I said this would be the short version so there it is-Me in a nutshell.
Happy Hopping

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