Bits of My Weekend...and week to come

So many things to do and want to do and yet so little time to do it. I am working hard to establish a good schedule for blogging, slicing, teaching, school (for me), committees, friends, family, fun....etc. This weekend was about family and fun and now I am working to catch up on blogging, and school. I am amazed at those of you that can get it all together and still have time to blog! Amazing. You are my heroes.
I thought life would get easier as my own children got older...not so much :) Especially when one is  a active High School senior and the other an active College Senior...
I thought I would share with you my weekly newsletter I send home each week. And a special picture my brother took this weekend while we were at my grandparents (now Uncle's) Kansas farm. The farm has been in the family since before my grandpa was born in 1910. The picture is of a one room school house near the farm. It is a great picture, and puts in perspective how far we have come in education. When so many are stating the negative it is nice to "see" the positive.
My news letter is called "Klinger Cafe' Fridge Facts" I got the idea off the web a few years ago. I'm sorry I don't remember who or where I saw if it is yours please forgive me and send me a message so I can give credit where credit is due. On the back of the note I try to put words we are reading for the week, spelling words, and sight words we are working on. That way parents can stick them on the "fridge" and have a list and agenda handy for their child's school week.
Happy Blogging Y'all and Happy Labor Day.

One-Room School House Florence, Kansas

And my kiddos get upset when they have to stand in line at our water fountain!

And my Kiddos- Kanten Zayne and Hadley Paige 


  1. It really does get crazy busy, doesn't it? My kids are grown, and I have grandkids, which now take my time because I want them to, but still, it's time. Your newsletter looks nice. Do your parents help with what you ask? Love the school house pic. My husband's mother taught in one in her late teens-rode her horse to the school, started the fire to get heat, etc. What a time!

  2. I think it would be so fun just to relive one day in that school house. My mom rode a horse to her school too, and my grandpa towed the bus many times later with his team because of the deep snow.
    My parents this year are very good about helping. I have had good and bad years though. :)
    When my kids were in 4th grade we went to a one room school house here in OK. It was an eye opener for some of the kids!