Heart stories, Apple names, a Birthday Bonanza, and a Gooney Bird

We have been busy, busy, busy in the heart of the US. We have been in school for a little more than a month and have gone from 114 degree weather to 49 degrees in the morning. Gotta love this Oklahoma weather.
Last week we made heart maps much like Mrs. Carroll’s class at the First Grade Parade. She inspired us to do our best and think about all the things we know by heart. They are hung in our windows by our self- portraits that I have attached mini-clothespins so I can change out their great artwork and work throughout the year.  

We started our apple unit with labeling parts of an apple and cutting one open. Did you know apples have skin and flesh just like we do? We know it now! We also talked about sayings used with apples. I told them my grandma used to say ornery kids were bad apples and really good kids were good apples. My kiddos thought that was funny, we decided to make up our own. Each child colored an apple pattern then picked out letters in their names to tape together and put between the apple parts. They then added their own combination to _______is a _________apple. There was some funny ones like monkey apple, silly apple, goofy apple. But my favorites were: reading apple and learning apple! Yay! They see themselves as readers and learners!

We will finish up this week with Johnny Appleseed, and making fried apples! Yumm!

Friday we had an all-day Birthday Bonanza. Instead of parents bringing birthday treats for children on their birthday (and having hurt feelings when they dont) we celebrate everyones birthday on one day right around my birthday. We graphed, we sang, we danced, we decorated cupcakes, read birthday stories and made birthday wishes. It was a fun filled happy birthday day.

Have you read Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry? It is a great book to get kids excited about writing, to get them thinking about how to write, and to help them expand their imaginations. I love how Gooney Bird tells her stories that are absolutely true and yet even the teacher has a hard time believing- until Gooney explains them. The kids ask for me to read more every day. We are just about done (its a short chapter book) We will wrap it up this week and spend the last chapter making mental images of Gooney Bird and her cat with no tail. Im planning on surprising the kids by having a Gooney Bird Day. We will tell stories, write, and dress like our beloved character! It should be a blast!

Thats all from last week. One of these days Ill find the time to write every day (I hope), but until then once every few days will have to do!  

Happy Fall Yall and dont forget to comment on my last post you could win an Amazon gift certificate!



  1. Your week sounds great. Do you know this poem? I used to use it with my first graders, a long time ago. There is another one, but I can't find it. Enjoy your apple week.

    The Apple Star

    Take an apple round and red.
    Don't slice down
    Slice through instead.
    Right inside it you will see
    A star as pretty as can be!

    Take an apple round and red.
    Don't slice down, slice through instead.
    Look inside it and you'll see,
    A special star for you and me!

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