Linky Party Week in Review

I just linked up with Clutter Free Classroom about our fun Gooney Day this week. Head on over and link up something from your week, so we can all have a peek into each other's classroom lives. This is our fall break, and I'd link up all the fun house cleaning I've been doing, but that is something NOBODY should have to see!
Have a great weekend y'all!
Happy Fall...Break!

It Was a Gooney Kind of Day!

Today was Gooney Bird Greene day in first grade. It was our last day before fall break (yay) and we made it a Gooney Day. We spent the entire day writing, inferring (about Gooney) and looking like Gooney.
The first thing this morning our principal and title 1 teacher stepped into the classroom, and asked the kids why in the world they looked sooo..Fabulous?? The kids LOVED telling them all about Gooney!
If you dont know who Gooney is she is a character from Lois Lowrys series of books about an outlandish second grader who entices her classmates (and teacher) into writing absolutely true stories about themselves and their lives. She shows that the ability to spin a story lives in everyone, especially children.
We finished the third book of Gooneys today (we havent read them in order). In Gooney the Fabulous we learned all about fables and how to use thinking strips to think through a story or character to infer their purpose or meaning in the story.  
As we read the story we used the thinking strips to put our thinking on display and help us infer what was going on in the story or with a character as we read. We used a strip of paper folded into six boxes to record each of inferences as we stopped to think about the character Nicholas in the story and what he was going through.
I learned about thinking strips this summer from my favorite author Debbie Miller. I had the pleasure of going to the All Write Conference in Indiana and felt very honored to learn from Debbie, Katie Wood Ray, Anne Marie Corgill and many others. It was THE best professional development I have ever experienced. My favorite quote came from Debbie Miller. She related: as teachers- the children are responsible for the reading, but WE (the teachers) are responsible for them THINKING about their reading. Hence the thinking strips.  
I of course forgot to take pictures of the thinking strips, but I promise to post one as soon as fall break is over. To tide you over I do have photos of my cute Gooneys today.
The pictures at their desks are of them right after they received their very own dictionaries from our library, just like Gooneys class in -Gooney Bird and the Room Mother. (We have just started reading this one it will be fun to see where our thinking strips and inferring lead us). They were so excited to get the dictionaries, it was too cute. They thanked our Librarian Mrs. Payne as if she had personally bought them- for them.  
At the end of our day we shared the stories and fables we had written today. I loved hearing the kids as they left for fall break- this was the best day, I had fun today, I wish every day could be Gooney day!
I do too kiddos! I do too!
A class full of Gooney's and Miss. Lindsay too!

Writing intently with the help of his new dictionary!

Look what I found!

hmmm does e come before the i or after. 




Friday Night in A Small Town

Ok- well- Ive decided it is official I am old and boring. But I have also decided I must not be the only one, because as I sit here on a FRIDAY night, on my couch, in my comfy pants, with Dateline on the TV, hubby at the other end of the couch, daughter at the football game, lap-top on my lap (of course), I notice there are MANY new posts. SO either everyone in teacher/blogger land is doing the same as I am, or they made a quick post then went out to a fantastic night on the town, and I am the only exhausted relaxed teacher chilling on the couch on a Friday night.
On the plus side as I sit here checking out all the great new posts of my blogger friends I noticed I now have 50 followers!!! Can you believe it?! 50 of them, I never thought I would have 5 much less 50! So welcome and thank you followers!
To say thanks in a BIG way Id like to give away a 25$ gift certificate to the Teacher Pay Teachers store! If you read my post last night you know that I am now a partner blogger with my bestest teaching buddy B. Klinger. Our new blog is called Camping out in First Grade. Its our goal to have our own TpT items very soon. But until then Id like to give a lucky blogger friend a gift certificate to get some of the awesome teacher created material out there.
All you have to do is comment here or at Camping Out in First Grade, become a follower here, or at Camping Out in First Grade! Its that simple!
Stay tuned in and I will announce the winner next Friday night while I am back in my spot on the couch. I promise next week Ill dress up a bit, and wear my BEST comfy pants!
My first grade funny for this week comes from a cute little girl in my class. One of my other little girls was acting very sleepy this morning. I asked if she was ok. The other little girl piped up and said- shes ok Mrs. Klinger shes just retired. What a fun way to start my day!
And now here I sit at the end of my day and I think I am not boring or oldIm just retired.
Have a fun weekend yall!

There's a new blog in town...

There’s a new blog in town and I get to be part of it! My bestest teacher friend and I just started a collaborative blog-camping out in first grade! They say everything is better together so we’re going to try it out! Hop on over and check out our story, and stay tuned for upcoming giveaways, freebies, and all around good times!
Thanks to McKenna at Project three designs for her awesome design check out the cuteness of it at camping out in first grade

Rebecca at All America Kid Teaching First has been doing her homework! She has found NUMEROUS sites hosting give aways and she is one of them! She has a cute little Moon Unit she is giving away.

Lady Bug Teacher Files and KPM Doodles are giving away an awesome clip art package.

Mrs. Bainbridge is giving away my a unit to my son’s favorite books when he was a little guy (20 plus years ago) Little Critter.  

Rebecca has these and many more all laid out for you to click and enter!! What a great bloggy friend! So go visit her and check out the rest of the sites with give aways and don’t forget to sign up to be a secret pal at Ms. Preppy it’s going to be a Holly Bloggy Christmas in blogging land!

With all these amazing give aways I wish I had one to add to them…I am working on some cool homework bags for my kiddos to take turns taking home... so as soon as they’re done I will post one to give away!

Blog on y’all!


Ho Ho Ho it's Going To be a Holly Bloggy Christmas

Oh my goodness! You have to visit Caitlin at Mrs. Preppy she and Sarah at Kindergarten Korner  have had the most amazingly fun idea for the holidays. They are hosting a secret pal gift exchange- blogger style. All you have to do is visit one of their blogs and sign up through email.

The best part of this grand idea is that they are gathering donations for a virtual stocking filled with goodies for those that join in.
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First Grade Funnies and a Give Away

I just love first graders. They come up with the most hilarious things. Last year as we were discussing presidents one of my kiddos excitedly spoke out that her mom knew George Washington, they played football together. I laughed and just had to tell her mom. I think she had our first president and the Washington Redskins confused.
One of my cuties came up to me yesterday and said Mrs. Klinger, my ear is making freaky noises. Me: it is? Big eyes head shaking she leans her head down putting her ear next to mine and says: here listen can you hear it? Me: nope sure cant let me know if you hear them after recess. Turning my head and smuggling a laugh as I tell my student teacher: Ive got to write that one down. Love my firsties!

On the subject of firsties First Grade Fanatics is having an AWESOME give away! They have the best FALL-ABULOUS package(S) with a capital S they are giving away! Hop on over to their blog or TpT store to check it all out! 

Independent Reading and an Honor!

Last week my kiddos were doing such a great job during independent reading time I decided to take a moment and shoot a quick video of them. 
Many of them were reading books on their level. Others were finding sight words they knew and writing them on sticky notes. Some were reading books of interest that were too hard text wise, but held their interest and kept them intrigued. Of course to be honest and real some were just going through the motions, but they were engaged and not bothering those that were reading. WoOoO WhOoOoo
It has taken us about 30 plus days to get to this point, but I think we are finally getting the hang of it. Right now our independent time only last about 10 to 15 minutes each morning, but we are building stamina every day!

I am so delighted and grateful for the nomination of the two awards from my bloggy friend Barbara at The Corner on Character. She has nominated me for the Blog on Fire award and The Versatile Blogger Award.
I have seen this award on various other blogs and have thought how cool is that! But now I too have the honor of posting the award on my blog. I am so ECSTATIC. I often dont find the time to blog as much as I would like but maybe this will give more incentive.
I am supposed to post seven things about myself and then pass the award on to my top ten blogs which is going to be tough because the one that nominated me is already nominated, and so are many of the other blogs I love, but I will do my best.
Seven things about mehmmmm what dont you already know.(Im so transparent)1. I would rather stay home than go anywhere else. 2. I LOVE hosting parties for my family and friends. 3. I talked my dad into moving to Oklahoma from Arizona when I was 15 so I could have a horse (I didnt have to talk hard). 4. I just got a brand new sewing machine for my birthday-I got my last machine when I was pregnant with my son to make maternity clotheshe will be 22 in November J
5. I love to read and write and have written a fictional childrens story that I envision as a picture book much like some of Cynthia Rylantsit has been turned down by 2 agents and no response from the othersbut it is still a dream. 6. Id rather have white cake or sugar cookies over chocolate. 7. I would love to meet some of my blogging buddies somedaymaybe host a party! J

My top ten blogsbeside The Corner on Character and the numerous of others that have already been no particular order...