Friday Night in A Small Town

Ok- well- Ive decided it is official I am old and boring. But I have also decided I must not be the only one, because as I sit here on a FRIDAY night, on my couch, in my comfy pants, with Dateline on the TV, hubby at the other end of the couch, daughter at the football game, lap-top on my lap (of course), I notice there are MANY new posts. SO either everyone in teacher/blogger land is doing the same as I am, or they made a quick post then went out to a fantastic night on the town, and I am the only exhausted relaxed teacher chilling on the couch on a Friday night.
On the plus side as I sit here checking out all the great new posts of my blogger friends I noticed I now have 50 followers!!! Can you believe it?! 50 of them, I never thought I would have 5 much less 50! So welcome and thank you followers!
To say thanks in a BIG way Id like to give away a 25$ gift certificate to the Teacher Pay Teachers store! If you read my post last night you know that I am now a partner blogger with my bestest teaching buddy B. Klinger. Our new blog is called Camping out in First Grade. Its our goal to have our own TpT items very soon. But until then Id like to give a lucky blogger friend a gift certificate to get some of the awesome teacher created material out there.
All you have to do is comment here or at Camping Out in First Grade, become a follower here, or at Camping Out in First Grade! Its that simple!
Stay tuned in and I will announce the winner next Friday night while I am back in my spot on the couch. I promise next week Ill dress up a bit, and wear my BEST comfy pants!
My first grade funny for this week comes from a cute little girl in my class. One of my other little girls was acting very sleepy this morning. I asked if she was ok. The other little girl piped up and said- shes ok Mrs. Klinger shes just retired. What a fun way to start my day!
And now here I sit at the end of my day and I think I am not boring or oldIm just retired.
Have a fun weekend yall!


  1. Even Friday night in a big town is rather slow! It's nice to be home really!

  2. Wow! I would love $25 to TpT...I'm already dreaming!

  3. I commented on your other blog, too!
    Love your funnies!

  4. I am a new follower - I really love your blog!


  5. I follow both blogs!