It Was a Gooney Kind of Day!

Today was Gooney Bird Greene day in first grade. It was our last day before fall break (yay) and we made it a Gooney Day. We spent the entire day writing, inferring (about Gooney) and looking like Gooney.
The first thing this morning our principal and title 1 teacher stepped into the classroom, and asked the kids why in the world they looked sooo..Fabulous?? The kids LOVED telling them all about Gooney!
If you dont know who Gooney is she is a character from Lois Lowrys series of books about an outlandish second grader who entices her classmates (and teacher) into writing absolutely true stories about themselves and their lives. She shows that the ability to spin a story lives in everyone, especially children.
We finished the third book of Gooneys today (we havent read them in order). In Gooney the Fabulous we learned all about fables and how to use thinking strips to think through a story or character to infer their purpose or meaning in the story.  
As we read the story we used the thinking strips to put our thinking on display and help us infer what was going on in the story or with a character as we read. We used a strip of paper folded into six boxes to record each of inferences as we stopped to think about the character Nicholas in the story and what he was going through.
I learned about thinking strips this summer from my favorite author Debbie Miller. I had the pleasure of going to the All Write Conference in Indiana and felt very honored to learn from Debbie, Katie Wood Ray, Anne Marie Corgill and many others. It was THE best professional development I have ever experienced. My favorite quote came from Debbie Miller. She related: as teachers- the children are responsible for the reading, but WE (the teachers) are responsible for them THINKING about their reading. Hence the thinking strips.  
I of course forgot to take pictures of the thinking strips, but I promise to post one as soon as fall break is over. To tide you over I do have photos of my cute Gooneys today.
The pictures at their desks are of them right after they received their very own dictionaries from our library, just like Gooneys class in -Gooney Bird and the Room Mother. (We have just started reading this one it will be fun to see where our thinking strips and inferring lead us). They were so excited to get the dictionaries, it was too cute. They thanked our Librarian Mrs. Payne as if she had personally bought them- for them.  
At the end of our day we shared the stories and fables we had written today. I loved hearing the kids as they left for fall break- this was the best day, I had fun today, I wish every day could be Gooney day!
I do too kiddos! I do too!
A class full of Gooney's and Miss. Lindsay too!

Writing intently with the help of his new dictionary!

Look what I found!

hmmm does e come before the i or after. 




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