Killing two Birds...and a Slice

I just found Natalies Linky Party Over at What theTeacher Wants, and decided since Im already posting my ten days of Thankfulness at Teacher Authors why not kill two birds with one stone or should I sayturkeys?
Natalie is asking us to link up and post what we are thankful for in our classrooms, blogging world, life, etc. So today I am thankful I found Natalies linky party and am not too late to link up! Link up yourself over at What the Teacher Wants. Youll be thankful you did!
1.                         What I am most thankful for in my classroom?
These past few weeks I have been very thankful for my sweet student- teacher Lindsay. She has kept me sane lately and kept my kiddos learning while I have worked on my papers for my class. It has been hard staying away while she does the teaching, but thats just because she so fun to hang out with.
 What person (people) I am most thankful for?
This one is pretty easy my hubby has been my best friend, and love of my life for over 26 years now and I dont know where Id be, or what Id do without him. My kids are the light of my life, and the reason I want to do more- be more. They are the young adults every mother dreams their child to be some day. They have always been, and always will be the best part of our life. My teaching buddy B. Klinger keeps me laughing and loving my job. My brothers and their families are my favorite place to visit, and my favorite visitors at our home. And my mom who is always there for me (and my kids), but as moms go doesnt hear often enough how much she means to me, or how much I appreciate her.
    What 3 blogs am I most thankful for?

I am thankful for the Two Writing Teachers who opened my eyes to the blogging world, and inspired me to write.

 Teacher Dance who always has such positive, nice comments for me- even when I call her by my teaching buddys name (Barbara) instead of her name (Linda).

And Miss Preppy she has great ideas and fun posts.  She always has great math ideas, which I feel is my week spot.               

    What guilty pleasure am I most thankful for?
Diet Pepsi, and Cosmic Brownies. Yep there I admitted it, Cosmic Brownies are my one chocolate fix every month week. Those great big ones from the local Convenience store, .75 cents of pure artificial color, flavor, and comfort all wrapped up in cellophane.

   What am I most thankful for?
My family, friends, job, home, and this wonderful life I have been blessed with.  


Thankful #2

Today I am thankful there are only TWO days of school this week because the kiddos are too excited to think! Me too!


Ten Days of Thankfulness...

I love blogging it makes me feel as if I get to go over to a good friends’ house and catch up on their lives without ever leaving my living room, city, state, or taking off my Pj’s!

Today while “visiting” my friend Linda at teacher dance I discovered the blog teacher Authors on her blog roll. I skipped on over to check it out because I liked their title so well “ten days of Thanks-giving: Time to share your thank-yous” what I found was a challenge to blog about things and people you are thankful for, for the next ten days- November 20-November 30th. I love this idea.

I haven’t been keeping up on my blogging lately. I have been out of my room for three weeks so that my sweet student teacher could have practice in “Teaching time” own her own. While it has been great having some extra time, it has left me a little uninspired in the blogging world-no cute/funny stories to pass on, and no wonderful teaching ideas to share because I have not been teaching.

This week I get to go back to my classroom and back to my kiddos. My poor student teacher has had to put up with my whining about being bored, and how I’ve missed teaching. She has been such a good sport even allowing me to pop in and hang out with her when I was supposed to be leaving her alone to have the “full teaching experience.”

So my first thank you goes to Miss Lindsay, my ever so sweet student teacher whose time has gone too fast in our happy classroom. The rules say your thank you needs to be 25 words or less, so here goes and the first part of this post doesn’t count. Lol!
Skip on over to the Teaching Authors and join in. You'll be Thankful you did!

                                                           Thank you Lindsay

You gave me time to write my paper,

Put up with my whining, and “visits”

You’re a great teacher!

 a great friend!


earthquakes, tornado's, and fires oh my!

Usually when your house quivers in the middle of the night in Oklahoma you know you’d better head for the “fraidy hole” as we call them-storm shelters to those of you non-Okies. So Saturday night at two AM when I felt my bed move and heard my pictures rattle; I quickly jumped out of my bed and looked out my window…not a leaf or blade of grass rustled. Not a cloud in the sky. The stars glistened down like diamonds on black velvet. And I confused and a little uneasy climbed back into my bed.

As soon as the sun was up I had the TV on. Yep you guessed it; an earthquake. An earthquake in middle America, felt from Oklahoma to Wisconsin. A fluke. We thought. Until the next one that evening as we sat celebrating OSU’s win over K-State. This time my hubby ran to the door to check the weather outside. Nothing. Not a cloud around. 5.7 on the Richter scale.
Fast forward to Monday evening, after a busy day at school the evening was spent watching the weather. This time there were the typical storm clouds brewing on our horizon. Tornados, hail, high winds, this we know, but not typically in November. As we watch the weather and laugh about the recent earthquakes; the hubby is called out to a fire. Hadley and I are left to watch the weather. She of course retreats to her room, and I settle in for my weekly fix of Max on DWTS.
As the show is interrupted one more time for storm updates, I pause, and the daughter comes running from her room (she hadn’t felt the first two). “Was that…” yep it was…an earthquake in the middle of a thunderstorm, 4.7.
To say this has been an interesting weekend and beginning to our week is an understatement. I wonder what today will bring.  Blizzard anyone?