earthquakes, tornado's, and fires oh my!

Usually when your house quivers in the middle of the night in Oklahoma you know you’d better head for the “fraidy hole” as we call them-storm shelters to those of you non-Okies. So Saturday night at two AM when I felt my bed move and heard my pictures rattle; I quickly jumped out of my bed and looked out my window…not a leaf or blade of grass rustled. Not a cloud in the sky. The stars glistened down like diamonds on black velvet. And I confused and a little uneasy climbed back into my bed.

As soon as the sun was up I had the TV on. Yep you guessed it; an earthquake. An earthquake in middle America, felt from Oklahoma to Wisconsin. A fluke. We thought. Until the next one that evening as we sat celebrating OSU’s win over K-State. This time my hubby ran to the door to check the weather outside. Nothing. Not a cloud around. 5.7 on the Richter scale.
Fast forward to Monday evening, after a busy day at school the evening was spent watching the weather. This time there were the typical storm clouds brewing on our horizon. Tornados, hail, high winds, this we know, but not typically in November. As we watch the weather and laugh about the recent earthquakes; the hubby is called out to a fire. Hadley and I are left to watch the weather. She of course retreats to her room, and I settle in for my weekly fix of Max on DWTS.
As the show is interrupted one more time for storm updates, I pause, and the daughter comes running from her room (she hadn’t felt the first two). “Was that…” yep it was…an earthquake in the middle of a thunderstorm, 4.7.
To say this has been an interesting weekend and beginning to our week is an understatement. I wonder what today will bring.  Blizzard anyone?  



  1. I saw all about you on the news-even the KState defeat! I'm glad you are safe and it wasn't too bad, just a little alarming. You all in Oklahoma have had quite a year!

  2. Here in Central PA, we feel like we've been living somewhere other than here. In the past four months we've had an earthquake, a tornado, a snowstorm (in October), and countless thunderstorms. What strange weather!

  3. You are brave! I'm impressed at how calm you took it all in! They are talking the first snow of the season tonight in Iowa!

  4. Saw our first flakes of snow here in SW Michigan today. No earthquakes though, wow!

  5. We've already had snow here in Utah and we are expecting more this afternoon...but then again, that is typical in November. I've been hearing about your weather on the news. So glad you are safe!! I grew up in Tornado Ally and I know the excitement of the weather...but an earthquake in the middle of a that is exciting!
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