Breaking all the rules!

I know I know I'm breaking all those bloggy rules please don't send the blogger cops after me Im JUST SO EXCITED I CANT HIDE IT Im about to lose control and I think I like it!!!
I WON IWON IWON nanny nanny boo boo it was me and not you. I know more rulesbut I WON!!! Insert happy dance here!!!!
SO what did I win you say? I won LOTS!!! LOTS!!! LOTS!!!
I get TWO winter packets, a winter math packet AND a target gift card! TARGET! I LOVE Target!
So thats why Im breaking all the rules because usually I am a very law abiding blogger, but its just so COOL!!!!
Thank you Rebecca, Kristin, Jennifer, and Caitlin
And to all a goodnightI hope I can sleep!



  1. Congratulations!! I'm leaving you a blog award! Come on over and check it out! -Megan

  2. Oh, oh, Looks like Megan may have beaten me to it. I'm spreading some love your way with the Liebster award. Come on by the Corner on Character to get the jpg and read all about it.

    Write on,

    The Corner On Character