Buggy Christmas Anyone?

Has this been a week or what? I don’t know about you guys but the days seem as slow as molasses, but the weeks are flying! I told my sweet student teacher it would fly once she started teaching, and it has. Next week is her last week with us and then she’s gone! I still have soooo much I want to do while she’s teaching the dang darling kiddos. Guess I’ll just have to do it on my own time, and get used to actually teaching again.

This week was chaotic and C-R-A-Z-Y! I don’t know about your schools but ours was hit pretty hard last year with those lousy lovely things called budget cuts. We lost our music program and two periods of planning time (and I don't think they're ever coming back). SO to supplement and keep the kids from losing their Christmas program, one very crazy very SWEET mom volunteered to take on the task of the Christmas Program. Last year’s program was super sweet and a HUGE success. She not only planned and produced one program, but split the primary grades so the kiddos could have a bigger part, and more “stage time.” Tonight was our primary grade programs.

The week started with practice from 2:00 to 3:30. AN HOUR and HALF of trying to get kindergartners and first graders to sit still on risers, watch for their cues, sing not shout, dance not wiggle, keep their hands, feet and unkind words to themselves…(oh wait that was for the teachers), and not spit into the microphone. It was chaotic great! THEN for some reason we decided to have a dress rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. Really? Why? When my teacher buddy and I got to the cafeteria (we refused to give up 1 of our 3 a week planning times and left the poor gym teacher to her on demise, good thing she’s a good sportJ) it was a mad house!! Children here, costumes there, no sweet singing, no cute “buggy jokes,” no sweet Christmas songs, just yelling, tantrums, crying and chaos….yep you guessed it… that was only the teachers!  

Our poor hysterical sweet music mom was at her wits end. We ended up having no rehearsal in the dress rehearsal, just dress, and that was a bit iffy. I promised her it would be fine, everything always comes together in the end, and parents always think their angels are in fact angels. My student teacher was skeptical to say the least. She had never seen anything quite like our dress rehearsal. And between you and me, neither had I, but assured her all would be well, and then I said a quick prayer.

Tonight was the night. Wardrobe went off without a hitch. All sweet angels showed up, everyone spoke their parts without putting the WHOLE microphone in their mouths, the songs were sweet and clear, and everyone laughed at the right time. It was truly sweet.
Here are a few pictures, of my angels. The program was called “A Very Buggy Christmas” and I thought it quite fitting for my little pests creatures.
Before the program 

Dragon flies, lady bugs, butterfly

Our resident Evangelist- the Praying Mantis, bumble bee, and butterflies 

The hit of the show The BEETLES!!!
Do your schools have a Christmas or Holiday program? If so how does it all come together? I’d love to know.
                     Merry Buggy Christmas Y'all
May it be filled with butterflies, ladybugs, praying mantis, and of course the BEETLES!!! 


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  1. I can't believe you have the energy to write! Great pics to see those little darlings! I'm glad it all worked out; it can be chaotic. The closest thing we ever have to that is an annual talent show in the spring-it too is chaos for the managers. Sorry about your budget cuts, & do you mean they happen right now? I thought that only happened year to year. And, my school has a festival of light right before the holidays, celebrating so many kinds of special days, including Christmas. We have a diverse population at the school, so started this a long while ago. Happy holidays!