The Elves Were Busy

Today was Elf Day at Klinger Café! We all wore bells on our toes, listened to (and sang) Christmas music. We shared Christmas kisses, and made the cutest elves from a pattern I bought from The Glyph Girls at TpT. The kiddos elves had the best time, and were unusually very good. We ended the day filling out an elf survey, and watching Elf for inside recess. Why won't it rain all summer but when it is the week before Christmas break it rains 3 out of 5 day's? I of course forgot to take pictures of these. I will post tomorrow!

We also read this cute little book.  Have you read it? My elves really enjoyed it. After we read it and discovered we had MANY text to self, and text to text connections (and one text to spelling words lol) we decided it would be GREAT to make Santa a book of all the things we would send him for Christmas. Some of the pages turned out too cute. They drew a picture of what they would give them, and then wrote Santa here is a ________.

 I explained Santa probably doesn't have a lot of room this time of year, so it would be better to send pictures than the actual things. They will be thrilled to read Santas thank you note in a day or two! I have also let them in on my secret summer jobI help out Santa and the elves every summer. That is how I always know who is talking when were busy, who gets in trouble on the playground, and who is not walking in lineJ!! Love it!
Tomorrow is Reindeer day! I wonder if we will hear them prancing around on the school roof? 
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing LOUD for all to hear!" 

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