Giveaway GALORE!

Have you seen the Giveaway Made for First Grade is having!! Man o Man I really want to win that! I KNOW so why am I telling you guys about it right? Cause that’s just the kind of SWEET, WONDERFUL person that I am! And ha ha lucky for me you don’t know any different cause we live in bloggy land so I can TELL you all sorts of things about me.(no need for comments Delighted).
But really you should go check out their blog and TpT store they are AMAZING I really don’t know how they do it all. You think if I road tripped it up to their school they’d let me in on their secret. They do teach just up the interstate from meabout two hoursin a different statebut I am going shopping up there soon...
ANYWAY go sign up and if YOU win and I DON’T remember what a great bloggy friend I am J!
AND speaking of GIVEAWAYS!!!! Did you see my follower thingy over there??? 88 that’s only like12 away from 100!!! ONE HUNDRED!! I can ALMOST taste it!! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. AND when I reach 100 I am going to have a super FAB-O-LO-SO GIVEAWAY!! 
Ok I don’t really know what it is yet cause I don’t have one of those super cool TpT store thingys (I’m trying) BUT I do have a project I’m working on, and I do have a really talented daughter that makes really cute picture thingys (check out the one I sent to my Holly Bloggy Secret Pal Here, wasn’t she sweet to post about it?) AND I sell Thirty One AND I know EVERYONE likes Braumsoh wait you probably don’t have BraumsSonic? Or maybe AMAZON!!! Who doesn’t like Amazon I tell ya??!! 
So all I needok I don’t really NEED themWANT is 100 followers by January 1, 2012 and then it is GIVEAWAY GALORE!!!