Linking up My Break

I know this is “Winter Break” and I know Christmas was just last weekend, but I am having a hard time “feeling” it. It was SIXTY_FOUR degrees today, and it’s supposed to be SEVENTY tomorrow. REALLY? I am someone all about nice weather but when Christmas rolls around and New Year’s is a day away I would at least like it to FEEL like the season. I mean geeze it feels like it did when I was a kid growing up in Arizona. I believe tomorrow will be a flip flops and Capri day. And of course if it is super nice now you KNOW what it is going to be like next week when school startsyep thirty below and freezing so we all get to experience INSIDE recess!

Well it was nice today and I had a really nice day visiting my son. We finally got to meet the new girlfriend, and she is super sweet. The poor girl doesn’t know what she’s in for I think she is going to fit it very nicely, although she was a little quiet todaybut who can blame her around this group. The kids had fun spending my money shopping and I even got some new shoes! I love shoes. Shoes and books my two favorite things to buy. I always feel good with them and I don’t have to buy above a size 8!!!

There’s a linky party going on over at A Clutter Free Classroom. She’s asking us to link up with what we did over our break. Hmmmm well the first half was spent finishing up shopping and wrapping, cookie parties, baking, cooking, cleaning, blogging, stalking, emailing, sewing, watching movies, creating, sleeping, and more cooking and cleaning. The second half was spenttaking down the Christmas things (not a decoration in sight), catching up with my bestest friends, and cooking, cleaning, baking, shopping, blogging, stalking, sewing, watching movies, reading, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaningget the picture?
Don’t forget to check out the others linking up. I’m sure their vacations are much more exciting than mine.

While you’re out and roaming don’t forget to check in at The Best Endings. I’ll be introducing myself over there soon to all those that don’t know me, and telling everyone about my most favorite book in the whole wide world.well one of them.

I hope everyone has a super safe and fun New Year’s Eve and that the New Year brings you nothing but happiness and great blogging days!



  1. Tammy, thanks for giving the book blog a shout out! It was near 60 today here in Montana. Cuh-razy!

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  2. Tammy, I am so jealous of your warm weather!! Thank you again for the Scrappin Doodles gift card. You are truly a sweetheart!

    Teaching First

  3. We are warm too, Tammy, after a huge snow a week ago! You are one busy lady! Happiest of new years!