On a day like this....

Up at the usual time today, but not for kiddos. We have our local PD day today. Allan Johnson will be joining us. He was with us last year for our January PD day, but some missed him. So he’s back again for this January PD day.  
As I am watching the news and seeing the teasers of Ferris Bueller’s new adventure... just after the weather forecast (65 today) I am reminded of that oh so famous quote-“How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?” lol
Here's hoping you can handle you day!
Happy Monday Y’all  


Tag I'm it and it and it...

Ok I know I’m old and s.l.o.w. but I didn’t realize how slow until I got tagged THREE times!!! I am not as good as I used to be! But I’m glad cause I get to have 3times the FUN!
Melissa fromDillyDabbles Rebecca from Teaching First and Megan from First Grade Magic have all tagged me and I’m tickled pink. Now I get to post the rules, follow the guidelines and pass it on to 12 other lucky bloggers! So on with the FUN!
1.      You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

12 fun facts about me!
1.      I never wanted or liked kids until I had my own
2.    My middle brother used to have take me with him when he went out, and he would shove me in the floorboard of his jeep if he saw a cute girl or his friends.
3.    I would rather stay home than go out
4.   I love to write
5.   My sarcastic mouth often gets me in trouble, and I try hard to keep it shut
6.    I love horses and to ride but am allergic to them
7.   I have never been drunk
8.    I have only taught at the school I am at now, it is the only school I have wanted to teach at
9.    I just painted my kitchen Carhart brown.
10.   I would love to own a bed and breakfast some day
11.     I love to dance, and wish they would have a teacher dancing with stars! I get Max!!
12.   I am not very good at telling my kids and family how much I love them and how proud I am of themI hope they read this!

What is your favorite food/drink to de-stress? Mexican and diet Pepsi.
What is your favorite book to read to your class? I don’t know if I have a favorite book my my favorite Author is Cynthia Rylant, all her books are great.  
 What is your favorite book to read yourself? Anything by Kristen Hannah
 How far do you travel to get to your school? LOL about a quarter of mile it takes me a whole two minutes.
 How many students are in your class? 17 until Wednesday when I get a new little boy eeek in February:/
 Do you exercise?  How often and what types? Ummm I walk.sometimes
  What is your favorite topic or unit to teach? Reading
  What behavior plans/rewards do you have in place in your classroom? I don’t have a plan or reward system I have always just found positive reinforcements and LOTS of praise for those doing well (along with a few thoughtful conversations with those not) seems to work best. I do have a treasure box, but I tend to forget to use it.
  What do you wear to school?  (slacks, skirts, dresses, jeans, types of shoes) Mostly slacks, I like to wear skirts and Capri’s when it is warm, comfy shoes and flip flops when it’s warm. We’re pretty laid back thank goodness. 
  How old/new is your school? Oh wow it started out as one building in the around 1928, it has  been added and added to, and is now PreK thru 6th and has three buildings, around 240 students.
  What technology do you have available/use in your classroom? I have one computer and a smartboard attached to that computer.  
  How do you spoil yourself? Hmmmmm blogging and dinner out!

Teaching First
Here are my questions for those tagged:
1. What is your favorite t.v. show?
Justified and The Good Wife
2. What was your favorite food as a child?
Mexican still is
3. What is one of your favorite quotes?
“It’s our choices in life that show who we truly are.”
4. What is your favorite season of the year?
5. If you could have any technology in your classroom, what would you ask for?
A Laptop or iPad 2or both!!!
6. If you could ask a person from history about a past event who would it be and what event would it be?
I would ask Will Rogers why he dropped out of school and if he later wished he hadn’t, and what he would tell kids today who are thinking about dropping out.
7. What is your favorite dessert? Wedding cake (white)!!! Or my mom’s homemade pudding.
8. What is your best quality as a teacher?
Hmmmm maybe giving kids timetime to read time to write time to be kids.
9. If you had one piece of advice you could give a new blogger what would it be?
Comment on other blogs and learn how to do that dang google docs download and then teach me how to do it!
10. What time do you usually get up for work?
5:45 ish J
11. Where would your dream vacation be? On huge ranch surrounded by mountains in a log cabin with a wrap- around porch, horses in the pasture, supper on the stove, and family by my side.
12. What is the last book you read?
Debbie Miller Teaching with Meaning, again for my grad class.

First Grade Magic
Okay ladies, here are your questions:
1.  Do you have a pet?
Yes, 5 three dogs-Kodi, Boone, Nick two cats- AC and DC
2.  What is your favorite type of food?
3.  Do you have a phobia of anything?
Small spaces with NO air
4.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Back to Puerto Rico
5.  Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?
6.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was young I wanted to be an English teacher, but then decided I was going to be a hairstylist and was for about 12 years
7.  Where did you go to college? Oklahoma
State University Go POKES!
8.  When did you realize that you wanted to be a teacher?
Again when my son started school
9.  What is your favorite grade level to teach?
10.  What subject do you like teaching the most?
11.  What is one thing in your classroom that you feel like you can't live without?
12.  What is your favorite part about blogging?
Writing, reading and connecting with teachers outside of my small school 

Now on to my 12 questions:

How long have you been teaching?
What was your first teaching job?
What made you decide to become a teacher?
Do you have a teaching “idol?”
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
Do you get a spring break if so when?
Do you have extra duties besides teaching that are nonpaid?
Who is the “go to” person at your school?
What is your greatest dream in the world of teaching?
What snack gets you through “those days?”
What would you be doing if you didn’t teach?
Would we be friends if we taught together, why or why not? 

And the 12 I am tagging: 

Whew I'm glad I don't pay tag often, because I'm T.I.R.E.D. It's been a long time since my kids were young enough to want to play a game of tag. So there you go girls TAG you're IT!!!


What's Not Wrong Wednesday

What’s Not Wong Wednesday
I’m linking up with for what’s not wrong Wednesday. My positive outlook has been a bit MIA lately so I think I need to emphasize what’s NOT wrong and Mrs. Davis at Carried Away in Kindergarten's linky party is just the place to do it.
The rules are easy just list FIVE things that are not wrong in life, and waaa laaa life in the positive lane is back on track!
1.              I have the bestest teaching buddy EVER she brought me Twizzlers yesterday! I super- duper love Twizzlers and my teaching buddy!
2.            The weather has been wonderful. No snow in January in Oklahoma is almost unheard of, but we have had none, nadda nothing so far this month. Only 50’s, 60’s, and a few 70’s. Weird but wonderful
3.            We “twisted” in class today. I love to twist. When I turned Pandora on the song that came up was “Peppermint Twist” so of course we had to TWIST! The kiddos were too cute. One girl came up and said “this is my kind of music” she cracks me up. She’s six.
4.           American Idol is back!
5.           Miss Lindsay my student teacher from last semester came to see us today! The kiddos were ecstatic, and I was thrilled I had just been thinking about her this morning. What a nice surprise!
And that’s NOT what’s wrong in FIVE!


Monkey on a Stick Freebie!

It’s almost time for a 100 day celebration. I think. I’m not sure because I haven’t kept track. Is that bad? I just think calendar time takes TOOOO much time. So my calendar time consists of asking the kiddos what day it is. Having them point to the date to me when they’re not sure, and having them write it in numerical form, and word form. And then we’re done And we have time to read. And write. And do math, science, social studies, etc. But I have seen all the blog posts about the 100th day so I’ll bet it is close. So I made this. Click here

When my kids take their reading homework home I always tell them to read it to mom or dad once or twice, then read it to whoever will listen- their brother, their sister, their dog or cat, their great Aunt Edna, or even their pet monkey. They always get a kick out of the pet monkey so I decided to make a 100 word list they can read to their pet monkey. I’m going to print the monkey on the card stock and give them a wide craft stick to glue it to make a monkey on a stickkinda like a Jalapeño on a steeek. Ok sorry couldn't help it too funny to pass up.
Happy 100 day whenever it is! 


Funny, Great Giveaway, and a Question!

Yesterday while I was sitting working in my room during recess the Kindergarten teacher popped in. “Do you want to see what my Kinders have made?” Of course I always want to see what those cutie Kinders do, it gives me a glimpse into the upcoming fall crop of new first grade kiddos!  I stopped working I asked her to pull up a chair.

She began laying out these cute little hand cutouts they had made. I couldn’t help but smother a laugh smile. What exactly are these I asked? Anteaters? Nooooo she explained they are elephants. I lost it then I really smiled then. They were hilarious. Here are some pictures of the best of the bunch. 

My FAVORITE is the one with his tail on his trunk and eye on his..wellllll other end. We  laughed so hard I had tears rolling.  I really do love the idea though wouldn’t they be cute with Horton Hatches An Egg for Dr. Seuss day? I wonder if my firsties from this year remember them from last year? I’ll have to find out I’ll let you know!

In the world of Giveaways there is a really GREAT one out there! Melissa at DillyDabbles is looking for some followers and having a giveaway. She has a great common core packet that she will be giving away at the end of the month. Hustle on over and join her awesome blog and contest.
Now on to a question I’ve had for a while but haven’t had the nerve to ask.Why would you want to teach kids “nonsense words?” What is the benefit of teaching kids to read and spell words that are not really words? I’m confused? I wonder if it confuses the kiddos? Anyone have an answer for me?

I'm off to do some cleaning nonsense in my room it is really starting to make me feel a bit claustrophobic, and all those inspirational posts from The Clutter Free Classroom are making me feel a bit guilty about my stacks... 
Happy Saturday!  


Rockin' in My Shoes and Great News!

I finally decided to join Miss Klohn's Linky Party!!! It looks like GREAT fun!
Here is how it works...

1. Right click and save the button above to put in your post. I
suggest also making the picture a link when you add it so others can
easily find the linky party. (I wish I knew how to write the HTML code
to make it a button)
2. Tell us about a typical day in your classroom. You can share as
little or as much as you would like.
3. Come back to my blog and link up.
4. Visit the other links to see what a day is like in their class

Rockin’ a day in my first grade teacher shoes
5:30 alarm goes off (2 hours after the hubby’s alarm has gone off)
5:30 and 30 seconds hit snooze
5:40 alarm goes off
5:40 and 30 seconds hit snooze
5:50 alarm goes off
5:50 and 30 seconds hit snooze
6:00 alarm goes off-I get upfinally
6:00ish shower, teeth, hair, dress, make up, hair spray
6:40 put the dogs allllllll the way out across the backyard to the gate- freezing and racing them to the gate
6:42 fix breakfast, and turn on news, laptop, and pour me a diet Pepsi-Morning caffeine
7:00 wake up daughter after listening to her alarm go off since 6:30
7:30 tell daughter goodbye, love you, have a good day, and be careful (it’s a ritual) Silently wish the college boy the same (sometimes I text it)
7:31 finally put on my shoesdrive to school
7:33 arrive at school yep I live around the corner from my school, I could walk but I have this BIG bag I carry and it’s 19 degrees out!
7:35 walk into my classroom set down all the stuff, turn everything on, and breathe deep. Get things ready for the day.
8:00 walk across the lot to the office to SIGN IN because someone doesn’t believe we actually come to work on time, even though they are never there as early as we are.I sign in, say good morning to all my teacher peeps, and smile at the grumps.
8:15 First bell rings, kiddos arrive, first rule of first grade-the teacher gets a hug every morning and every afternoon before you leave, even the adults if they are coming in or out of my door at these times. It’s a RULE! Made by ME!
8:15-8:20ish put away homework binders (MENU’s), Take out homework book from night before. Child takes lunch count with receipt book (the waitress or waiter) hangs on door, I take roll on computer, Kids get settled, pledges, salutes, etc. Kids read silently for 20-30 minutes and take AR tests at this time.  A few kids go to Title for extra help.
9:00 kids return from title, meet on carpet Read Aloud- from my polka dot rockin' chair (hence the "rockin' shoes") discuss story elements, author’s purpose, etc.

9:15 introduce/review phonic sounds and patterns, do activity and follow with worksheet/workbook page (I know)
9:30-11:30 Reading, language, spelling, word work recess 10:00-10:15 duty on Mondays for Kindergarten-third grade
11:35 lunch- duty for kindergarten-6th grade on Monday’s until 12:03 (I have no idea why 03)
12:25 kids return Writing Workshop- Favorite time of day- Mini lesson- QUIET 10- no talking, no drawing, no getting up, no ANYTHING but writing. Workshop time, conferences, sharing, celebrations.  
1:20 Math Workshop
1:35 recess no duty for this one
1:50 kids go to gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Tuesday Thursday they return to class
1:50 Tuesday, Thursday more math
2:30 Mon, Wed, fri-more math
2:45 theme work
3:10 get ready to go home, read aloud, or Dollop of Day journals
3:30 dismiss- more hugs
3:30 walk out to pick up area to help with car rider pick up
3:45 go to office to SIGN OUT even though I probably won’t be leaving for a while but the powers that be leave at 3:45 and we’re not trusted in the office without them there.
3:45-4:00-5:00 depending on the day and me! Work in room, check emails, paperwork, etc.
Drive my LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG drive home, kick off my shoes (rockin or not) and fix supper, stalk blogs and catch up on my hubby and daughter’s day, slip in a text or call to my boy. Or go watch my girl swim like I am tomorrow night. It is her SENIOR NIGHT! BOOO HOOOO HOOO

In bed by 10:00 I am not a night person.

And that’s a day in my shoes which are rarely on, but I like to shop for them, and in the summer only consist of flip flops.

Speaking of shoes
Mybestest teacher buddy and I have the most awesome Professional Development coming up next month!!! We get to go spend the day with the teachers from the Made For First Grade blog!!!!!! 
Can you believe it?? We are SO excited and SO thrilled. I came up with the idea after reading all posts about the teachers that get to meet up, and thought how great it would be to visit one of their classroomslong story short I emailed them, we asked, they asked, everyone said YES and we get to spend an afternoon and day in their shoes! We are so grateful and excited!!!! Did I say that already? Well We ARE!!!
Look for all we have learned in February posts!

No way out...


I knew the moment I spoke them- they would be words I’d want to take back. Yet they seemed to float in front of me like pesky gnats on a thick southern summer night; taunting and bothering, staying just out reach of my grasp.  What could I do now? I had said them. They were out there. And worse still, I knew he had heard them.
I could tell from the look in his eye, he knew. He had to know what they meant. He stood solid and never wavered or looked away. He looked me in the eye, and demanded I do the same with scrutiny drilling from his stare.
I tried to pass it off, to look away with an elusive glance beyond his head. I tried to call his attention away from my un-thought-out observation and comment.  But he wouldn’t have it. His demeanor demanded I take a stance and follow through with my passage.
Finally I relented. What else could be done? There would be no turning back. There would be no apology and obligatory way to make it up.  
I had said them. 
I had to stand by my words.
I looked down and smiled.
Ok Boone you win. I said the words again.
Let’s go take a BATH!


Love to Joplin...So close to home

Well I was all set to blog about how exhausted I am after my FULL week of teaching, about the constant battle to find the right activity and lesson to reach my kids, about having to buy my own art supplies and the copy machine never working, about the lack of funds and lack of support, about the office snitches at our school, about how YOUNG my kiddos seem at times, and about how the highlight of my week was one of my kiddos squirting hot chocolate out her nose because the little cutie across from her made her laugh

But then I turned on Extreme Home Makeover, and my computer, and I found this post by DeeDee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten asking us to link up and send Joplin some love, and my whole post (and attitude) changed. How could I ignore it? It was so close to home.
One of my sons’ best baseball buddies went through it; saved only by a two-by-four that braced the wall away from him that fell in, and the grace of God. They have been friends since the age of twelve when they began playing baseball together. He is going to school in Joplin to be a youth pastor.  Our families have watched together as he and my son have grown from boys to amazing young men.
We drove through Joplin just a month after the tornado hit on my way to Indiana and an awesome professional development experience. It was devastating.  And my husband and I broke down in Joplin on our way through in our early married years. I have a connection to Joplin.
More than that, I have a connection to the teachers of Joplin, because like them I have hope. Hope for new beginnings, brighter days and days filled with great teaching materials, endless (ok not endless but enough) supplies, friendly and helpful support staff, supportive administration, brilliant teaching lessons and receptive children,  and most importantly nobody squirting hot chocolate out their nose.
I don’t have a Teacher pay Teacher’s store so I decided to send a gift certificate. I hope it makes a teacher in Joplin smile, and hopeful. 

Link up and send some love of your own. 


What's Not Wrong with me....and a freebie

My bestest teachingbuddy just blogged about a fun linky party she found at Carried Away inKindergarten. It’s called “What’s Not Wrong Wednesday.” I am psyched, because I need some “not wrong” reinforcement. It’s been more of a what’s not “right” kind of week so far... So time to focus on the “not wrong” is nothing but right!! Right? Ok now that we’re all confused here is my list.
ü It is definitely not wrong that my daughters’ relay team placed FIRST in their 400 relay last night, and shaved FIVE seconds off their time! Yay Lady Cats!
ü It is not wrong that Monday was my recess duty day and it was a calm 60 degrees (sorry D.) because it is now snowing and the wind is blowing 90 to nothing.
ü It is not wrong that we had KFC (grilled) for supper tonightno cooking for me! Yay!
ü It is not wrong that there is only two more days in this week and then a THREE day weekend and fun filled Sunday afternoon with my bestest teaching buddy and my other fun teacher friends!
ü And it is NOT wrong that I am SO excited about a LONG weekend after just getting back from Christmas break!!!
ü And last but not least I have a FREEBIE!!! Yep a FREEBIE from me! A Freebie from meeeeeee! I hope you like it ok, if you don’t I don’t want to know. J

Graphics by these guys

I hope you all have a really not wrong rest of the week, and everything is ALRIGHT in your life. 



Farley At Oh Boy Fourth Grade Finally Posted her "Currently" for January AND there is a bonus a GIVEAWAY!! Go check it out but don't plan on winning because I am!!!

                                               Link up here!


For Mrs. Squirrels

I know, I know the whole 2 posts in one day thing, but this is really just half a post and I think Mrs. Squirrels needs a smile!
For a SUPER TEACHER!! If they only knew what you were REALLY made of!!
Have a SUPER week next week!!!


And the Oscar goes to....

True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:29Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Ok not really an OSCAR but you can set it on your mantle if you want!
And so here is my simple minded way of doing things here is the random generator and the only way I could figure out how to copy and paste it. And here is number 29s comment and soooo the winner is Amanda!!
Description: Blogger Amanda said...
I liked your page on Facebook and want to congratulate your 100 followers and that you have your laundry finished!

January 4, 2012 1:16 PM
Congratulations Amanda! I will be in touch for your OLW and what youd like on your picture and lunch bag!

ANNNNNDDD since my bestest buddy First Grade Delight didnt feel like she should enter she will be receiving a key chain (she already has a picture and lunch bag) I hope she is DELIGHTED!!!
ANNNNNDDDD since this was so FUN! I generated ONE more number and it was:
 True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:5Powered by RANDOM.ORG
So Congrats to.Description: Delete

5. Kristin said...I "liked" your facebook page. And this is an awesome giveaway!!! Congrats on 100!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher
January 2, 2012 5:22 PM
You will be receiving a picture from my very own HADLEY I just need to know what teeny tiny thing youd like on it!
This was SO fun! I will have to do it again sometime! Maybe at 200!!! 


Me? A Winner? How About You?

Just a quick reminder today is the last day for my giveaway. Winner will be announced tomorrow...or Sunday depending on how exciting busy my weekend is...but now on to MEEEEEE I'm a winner!! Erika at The Honey Bunch has given me the Versatile Blogger Award!!! How sweet is that?? Thank you Erika. You made my day!

So here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who presented the award to you and link back to them.
Read above and thank you again Erika.

2. Tell seven things about yourself.
Well let’s see1. The last time I tried I could still do the splits, but I have to admit that was about two years ago So I’m not sure if that is still true, so I’ll say up to the age of 45 I could still do the splits and I once I even did them on stage in front of the entire schoolwhat was I thinking?

2. I have never, ever, ever tried smoking. My dad was a BIG smoker and I couldn’t stand it so I have never even had a cigarette in my mouth, lit or unlit.

3. I want to write children’s books, which a lot of people know about me. But they may not know I submitted a story to six different publishers and I got two rejections and nothing from the rest.  I was excited to get the rejections; at least I know they read it.

4. I am the shortest person in my family. My husband is 6’2 my son is 6’1ish and my 17 year old daughter is 5’11 and I am 5’7which isn’t too short unless you live in my family.

5. I cannot stand the feel of the cotton in pill bottles. It has a weird squeak to it and it makes my skin crawl kinda like fingernails on a chalkboard. I make my husband pull it out of the Advil bottle.

6. I was a hairdresser for the first fifteen years of my grownup life. I went to college for the first time (not back to college) when I was 30, continued to do hair for a while, then graduated college (the first one in my family) when I was 35. My son was in kindergarten, my daughter was a year old. This year my son graduates from the same college (OSU) and my daughter has just been admitted there for the fall. I started graduated classes there last fallI wonder if she will let me room with her?

7. I married the boy I dated in high school almost 30 years ago. It was probably the smartest thing I have ever done.

So there I am in a list of seven thingswell some of me anyway. 

And now on to the HARD part, how in the world am I ever going to pick ONLY 15? This is going to take a while so I think I will get back with my 15 later. I promise.