Funny, Great Giveaway, and a Question!

Yesterday while I was sitting working in my room during recess the Kindergarten teacher popped in. “Do you want to see what my Kinders have made?” Of course I always want to see what those cutie Kinders do, it gives me a glimpse into the upcoming fall crop of new first grade kiddos!  I stopped working I asked her to pull up a chair.

She began laying out these cute little hand cutouts they had made. I couldn’t help but smother a laugh smile. What exactly are these I asked? Anteaters? Nooooo she explained they are elephants. I lost it then I really smiled then. They were hilarious. Here are some pictures of the best of the bunch. 

My FAVORITE is the one with his tail on his trunk and eye on his..wellllll other end. We  laughed so hard I had tears rolling.  I really do love the idea though wouldn’t they be cute with Horton Hatches An Egg for Dr. Seuss day? I wonder if my firsties from this year remember them from last year? I’ll have to find out I’ll let you know!

In the world of Giveaways there is a really GREAT one out there! Melissa at DillyDabbles is looking for some followers and having a giveaway. She has a great common core packet that she will be giving away at the end of the month. Hustle on over and join her awesome blog and contest.
Now on to a question I’ve had for a while but haven’t had the nerve to ask.Why would you want to teach kids “nonsense words?” What is the benefit of teaching kids to read and spell words that are not really words? I’m confused? I wonder if it confuses the kiddos? Anyone have an answer for me?

I'm off to do some cleaning nonsense in my room it is really starting to make me feel a bit claustrophobic, and all those inspirational posts from The Clutter Free Classroom are making me feel a bit guilty about my stacks... 
Happy Saturday!  



  1. Ha!!! Those elephants are a crack up!!!!
    I stay away from nonsense words unless we're rhyming and one gets in there. I hear ya.
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Nonsense word teaching seems to come from the DIBELS testing. Teachers teach nonsense words because there is a portion of the test where students are asked to read nonsense words. Basically a teaching to the test strategy. I guess it is supposed to assess their understanding of phonics. However, the key strategies we teach kids are to ask: "Does it look right?" "Does it sound right?" and "Does it make sense?" So this completely goes against what we are trying to have kids do when they read. The DIBELS is not my friend and our state just mandated that all first-third grade students be assessed with it twice a year.

  3. Also, thanks for the nod to my contest!


  4. Nonsense words are ridiculous! Actually all of DIBELS is ridiculous! I am from Oregon, and am ashamed it came from our state:-) Love the handprint elephants! We just did eagles.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. that's why we are here! to see if we can answer those questions :)
    nonsense word teaching helps kids to be able to sound out words they don't know..because those are essentially nonsense words to them since they don't know them....

  6. Yeah our state has DIBELS as well- thankfully we also have literacy first and BEAR we can choose from too. Our school uses BEAR which I don't particularly love, but think we made the better choice when compared with the other two. I do teach Phonics and always have, and have always encouraged kids to "use their sounds to spell." But I have never purposely had them learn to READ words that are NOT words, we have compared words such as kat and cat but I have always "taught" the right way to spell it. Does that make sense? Cause it's still clear as mud to me! lol

  7. Love those elephants, a lot of my projects turn out like that!


    The only reason I do nonsense word is for letter sounding purposes, I dont do DIBELS or anything like that!

  8. Hilarious elephants! Nonsense words kind of goes against reading for meaning in my book.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings