No way out...


I knew the moment I spoke them- they would be words I’d want to take back. Yet they seemed to float in front of me like pesky gnats on a thick southern summer night; taunting and bothering, staying just out reach of my grasp.  What could I do now? I had said them. They were out there. And worse still, I knew he had heard them.
I could tell from the look in his eye, he knew. He had to know what they meant. He stood solid and never wavered or looked away. He looked me in the eye, and demanded I do the same with scrutiny drilling from his stare.
I tried to pass it off, to look away with an elusive glance beyond his head. I tried to call his attention away from my un-thought-out observation and comment.  But he wouldn’t have it. His demeanor demanded I take a stance and follow through with my passage.
Finally I relented. What else could be done? There would be no turning back. There would be no apology and obligatory way to make it up.  
I had said them. 
I had to stand by my words.
I looked down and smiled.
Ok Boone you win. I said the words again.
Let’s go take a BATH!



  1. I loved your post. Reading it I wondered all the way to the end what you might have said. I hope you and Boone has a nice bath.

  2. Those labs usually love water, don't they? You had me going for a while because I thought it might be about a student, but then the photo kind of gave it away. Fun slice. He's taken quite a stance, hasn't he?

  3. I'm a sucker for dogs -- he is too cute!!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Oh you are too funny! I was really getting worried there for a minute!

    First Grade Magic