Rockin' in My Shoes and Great News!

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Rockin’ a day in my first grade teacher shoes
5:30 alarm goes off (2 hours after the hubby’s alarm has gone off)
5:30 and 30 seconds hit snooze
5:40 alarm goes off
5:40 and 30 seconds hit snooze
5:50 alarm goes off
5:50 and 30 seconds hit snooze
6:00 alarm goes off-I get upfinally
6:00ish shower, teeth, hair, dress, make up, hair spray
6:40 put the dogs allllllll the way out across the backyard to the gate- freezing and racing them to the gate
6:42 fix breakfast, and turn on news, laptop, and pour me a diet Pepsi-Morning caffeine
7:00 wake up daughter after listening to her alarm go off since 6:30
7:30 tell daughter goodbye, love you, have a good day, and be careful (it’s a ritual) Silently wish the college boy the same (sometimes I text it)
7:31 finally put on my shoesdrive to school
7:33 arrive at school yep I live around the corner from my school, I could walk but I have this BIG bag I carry and it’s 19 degrees out!
7:35 walk into my classroom set down all the stuff, turn everything on, and breathe deep. Get things ready for the day.
8:00 walk across the lot to the office to SIGN IN because someone doesn’t believe we actually come to work on time, even though they are never there as early as we are.I sign in, say good morning to all my teacher peeps, and smile at the grumps.
8:15 First bell rings, kiddos arrive, first rule of first grade-the teacher gets a hug every morning and every afternoon before you leave, even the adults if they are coming in or out of my door at these times. It’s a RULE! Made by ME!
8:15-8:20ish put away homework binders (MENU’s), Take out homework book from night before. Child takes lunch count with receipt book (the waitress or waiter) hangs on door, I take roll on computer, Kids get settled, pledges, salutes, etc. Kids read silently for 20-30 minutes and take AR tests at this time.  A few kids go to Title for extra help.
9:00 kids return from title, meet on carpet Read Aloud- from my polka dot rockin' chair (hence the "rockin' shoes") discuss story elements, author’s purpose, etc.

9:15 introduce/review phonic sounds and patterns, do activity and follow with worksheet/workbook page (I know)
9:30-11:30 Reading, language, spelling, word work recess 10:00-10:15 duty on Mondays for Kindergarten-third grade
11:35 lunch- duty for kindergarten-6th grade on Monday’s until 12:03 (I have no idea why 03)
12:25 kids return Writing Workshop- Favorite time of day- Mini lesson- QUIET 10- no talking, no drawing, no getting up, no ANYTHING but writing. Workshop time, conferences, sharing, celebrations.  
1:20 Math Workshop
1:35 recess no duty for this one
1:50 kids go to gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Tuesday Thursday they return to class
1:50 Tuesday, Thursday more math
2:30 Mon, Wed, fri-more math
2:45 theme work
3:10 get ready to go home, read aloud, or Dollop of Day journals
3:30 dismiss- more hugs
3:30 walk out to pick up area to help with car rider pick up
3:45 go to office to SIGN OUT even though I probably won’t be leaving for a while but the powers that be leave at 3:45 and we’re not trusted in the office without them there.
3:45-4:00-5:00 depending on the day and me! Work in room, check emails, paperwork, etc.
Drive my LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG drive home, kick off my shoes (rockin or not) and fix supper, stalk blogs and catch up on my hubby and daughter’s day, slip in a text or call to my boy. Or go watch my girl swim like I am tomorrow night. It is her SENIOR NIGHT! BOOO HOOOO HOOO

In bed by 10:00 I am not a night person.

And that’s a day in my shoes which are rarely on, but I like to shop for them, and in the summer only consist of flip flops.

Speaking of shoes
Mybestest teacher buddy and I have the most awesome Professional Development coming up next month!!! We get to go spend the day with the teachers from the Made For First Grade blog!!!!!! 
Can you believe it?? We are SO excited and SO thrilled. I came up with the idea after reading all posts about the teachers that get to meet up, and thought how great it would be to visit one of their classroomslong story short I emailed them, we asked, they asked, everyone said YES and we get to spend an afternoon and day in their shoes! We are so grateful and excited!!!! Did I say that already? Well We ARE!!!
Look for all we have learned in February posts!


  1. You hit your alarm just like me! Mine is set for 5:57 and it's going off for almost an hour (yes, that shames me to admit lol) before I'm up and scrambling around!

    Following Optimism

  2. Your rocking chair is incredible! Did you paint it yourself?

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  3. So jealous of your professional development day!!! How AWESOME!!!

    1st Grade Rocks

  4. It's going to be so wonderful!! and Erika yep I painted it, it's not perfect but cute enough. I just used stenciling foam brushes, and my favorite colors.

  5. JA-L-US!
    And that rocker is incredible!
    Love the hugs- we do 3Hs-
    On your way in or out-
    you can choose-
    Handshake, Hug, or a High Five.
    I had a child with Asperger's a few years ago- and he preferred the handshake-(didn't like to be touched) it made me think-
    "Hmm, maybe they all dont want me to hug them" So I started giving choices:)

    Going Nutty!

  6. I am LOVING your rocking chair! It is so fun!

    First Grade Magic

  7. Staci I've had a couple of Asperger kids too, but they still hug, kinda a half hug (I don't push it lol) but the very first day of school I tell them it's the MOST important rule of first they just seem to follow along. The boy I had last year still runs up and hugs me when he sees me in the morning. lol Actually I still have kids in all the grades hug me...even a couple of 6th graders...of course the rest of them just ignore me!

  8. You have to sign in and out????? How weird!!!
    And what an amazing professional development. You are so lucky!!!!! I am so jealous!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  9. I think it is amazing at how many of you all have to sign in each day. Our paras have to do a time clock, but teachers are free You make me want to teach the little ones too! Your classroom sounds like a great place to be!

    What a fun PD idea too! I would love to do that with a blog buddy!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  10. Oh YES the Signing in and out is new with hiring with the new office police who feel it's their DUTY to keep tabs on us. And as you can guess it has caused much unease...HELLO we are not HOURLY employee's and are most generally there 30 minutes to HOURS before them!!!! But please don't get me started!!!!! lol