It's A Valentine Slice!

It was the Valentine’s Day after our son was born. I had spent the day at home with him rocking and singing to him just enjoying our time together, mother and son. It was a beautiful day, and before this precious baby had been born I probably would have been out on my horse. But somehow I felt those days were gone for a while. I didn’t care as long as I had this baby. Before my days had revolved around horses, which pair of boots I’d wear, what jeans matched which boots, and my marriage.  They say a baby changes everything, and he did. I neglected my horse, traded my jeans for sweats, and my boots were a wee bit too tight those days to wear comfortably.    

I hadn’t expected a gift. Valentine’s Day was not a big holiday with us even though we’d been only been married five years; we really didn’t need outlandish gifts to show how we felt.  Like all other new parents we had a new baby and many new bills-funds were a little tight.
I saw him drive up through the window as I sat rocking our baby boy. He came in the backdoor which was unusual for him he usually entered through the front. I got up to put my tiny bundle in his crib. He’d been asleep for a while, but I was in no rush to let him go.
I walked into the bedroom as he walked in through the backdoor. I waited to see if he’d come in to peek at our baby boy. When he didn’t, I quietly walked back into the living room.
Sitting in my rocker was the only Valentine I can remember getting in my married years. It was a gift I will always compare other girls Valentine gifts too, and the one I secretly hope to receive again someday. It made me laugh, and cry, smile and love him even more. He had thought of the perfect gift, the gift he knew fit me, and knew I would always cherish.
There in my rocker was the deepest redsoftestmost aromatic
Pair Roper cowboy boots! A half size LARGER!!! I feel in love all over again.   



  1. Such a great Vday story! Those are the kinds of presents to cherish.
    Simply the Family

  2. You wrote this with such mystery, Tammy. I didn't even come close when I guessed! What a wonderfully thoughtful gift, & sweet slice about your husband! Maybe that's his Valentine! We don't do too many lovey things either on this day, just some hugs & a little chocolate of course-for both of us! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. It is the little things that we cherish, especially when the little things that they do show us, not tell us how much they understand & know us! What a gift of love that was! Thanks for sharing that story in such an eloquent way! Your hubby is a keeper!

  4. What a sweet story! Your husband must be a very thoughtful person.

    First Grade Magic

  5. I have to agree with Linda, I was trying to guess and was so surprised. What a sweet gift!

  6. You got the best gift of all--that something special just for you. Thanks for sharing that special Vday.

  7. Love this story! I love the way you slyly dropped a few hints along the way to a great ending. :)