an oops, a freebie, and a funny

Well I don’t know how but I completely missed Wednesday. So of course I completely missed WWW. So sorry, but as promised I do have copies of the paper I use in Writing Workshop. I use the paper with just a few lines at the beginning of the year when the kiddos are doing more drawing than writing. I add lines and pages as the year progresses and so does their writing. Copy on both sides, add a cover, staple in the middle- and wha la a book with their authentic writing and illustrations.

The kids love making their own books, and sharing them with our class and others. You can get your copies at my TpT store here.
Every day at the end of my mini lesson I always ask the kids what they will be writing or working on before I send them off to write. Today we had read the book Diary of a Spider because we have been discussing point of view and voice in writing. The kids liked the story because it was written in the spider’s point of view.
As I sent the kids on their way today I asked one little girl what she would be writing and she proudly responded…”Diarrhea of a Butterfly.”
She was so proud of herself for standing on the shoulders of other great writers! Who knows she could be the next Doreen Cronin or Jeff Kinney.  



  1. Haha!!!
    I get a lot of mispronunciations in my ELD class!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. What writers workshop program are you using Miss Tammy? I going to snag your freebie right now because I know my kids will love using these! I hope you have a great Friday!

  3. I would love to meet up with you! We need to do a Kansas and Missouri bloggy get together!!