6 of 31 2012 SOLS Kids Say the Funniest Things

Today during reading our principal came over the intercom to make an announcement: “The water fountain in the south building is broke YOU are not to use it!” This of course made the comments ensue. “So and so touched it.” “I saw so and so drink out it.” “I think so and so was kicking it” (that one was a tad hard to believe). As I tried to refocus the kiddos and redirect them back to what we were doing; one of my little guys turned to me and said in the most serious of voices “I know it was one of those big grade kids who broke it.” I had to write that one down before I forgot it. Gotta love my first grade kiddos.  



  1. Oh those "big grade kids!" Your piece reminds me of my 5th grader who shared a story about "the little kids" creeping around the playground and spying on he and his friends the other day. He wasn't convinced when I told him they were pros sly curious and in "awe" of his big-kid status!

  2. Awww, he has a guilty conscience. If you think he has the kind of parents who would find this story amusing, then perhaps you should share it with them. Just a thought...

    I always loved (not) the blame game kids would play when they found out something went wrong. Isn't it inevitable!??!

  3. I'm glad you were able to capture the cute things kids say. It's so fun to see a glimpse into their perspective. :)

  4. I'm so proud of how you're blogging everyday! Love it!!

  5. It is so funny how similar your little guys are to my "big grade kids." I started out as an aide in a kindergarten class and I always say that what I learned in kindergarten is applicable in middle school! Too cute how they all start chiming in once one gets them started. I like your aside in parentheses to reassure me that I was having the same response as you.

  6. I got the comment about your daughter's prom dress. It is hard for those different things to occur, & they do often in the final high school years. Thanks Tammy! And thank you for this great story from the little ones. It takes me back; I used to teach first grade.

    1. awww first grade is the best! I'll bet you were a wonderful first grade teacher.