Happy Birthday to My Hubby SOLS # 5 2012!

Today is my hubby’s birthday. Now, for another six months we are the same age. Yes, it is true I married a younger man. Not only that- I corrupted him when he (and I) was much much younger. He was only 17 and I was 18!!! I KNOW jail bait! Shame on me. But I couldn’t help myself, he was sooooo cute. The only boy in his junior class with a HAIRY CHEST! Yep I said HAIRY CHEST. He wore these tight blue jeans, tight western shirts unbuttoned to expose that HAIRY CHEST-cowboy boots. Man he was C.U.T.E.
Poor guy I practically had to run him over to get him to talk to me. I would tie my horse to the fence (alllll day), and wait. He had this loud truck that I could hear when he hit the road at the top of our hill. I ran as fast as I could hopped on the horse, high tailed it down the lane to the road, stopped the poor horse so fast he thought he’d hit a wall, then sauntered out onto the road as if I was just out for a lazy ride.
His best friend lived across the road. He and I had talkedhe knew what I was up to. 
That truck would be crammed packed with sweaty boys, fishing poles, smelly bait, and empty pop cans pinging off the truck bed every time he gunned his engine.
EVERY single boy in that truck would lean out and talk to me. EVERY single boy but ONE! Yep you guessed it, hubby dear.
This went on for weeks, tie the horse up, listen for those pipes, sprint, hop, lope, screech to a stop, calmly walk, smile, wave, and make conversationwith everyone but HIM!   
Finally I gave up. My horse was so thankful.
School started and I went to our first FFA meeting of the year. Guess who was there? Yep cute hairy- chest- truck- boy. THIS time HE spoke to ME!
I of course ignored him.
He followed me the entire night.
Then he called me. And called me and called me. I asked him why he wouldn’t talk to me in the summer. He said he thought I was too OLD!  
He asked me out. To a wedding. We kissed. We dated. I bought a new horse. He had the SAME name!
30 some years later, same hairy chest (but with more gray than dark), no horses, two kids and 30 some birthdays together, we are the same age again for the next six months.   



  1. I had to laugh at your many references to the hairy chest. My son shaves his chest because girls don't like hair. (These girls have to be crazy!) I keep telling him that some girl out there will LOVE his hairy chest some day. Happy birthday...to hubby and you!

  2. Oh Tammy, your story is so cute! Your visual was fabulous! :o)

  3. My hubby and I were young too! He was 17 and I was 16. We talk about high school all the time. He used to cheat off my best friend in math! Funny and good times!!

  4. I love, love, love the moment where he finally talks to you...and you ignore him! I totally shook my head at you when I read that! So glad you two finally connected with each other. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  5. How sweet! I love a good "love story" =)

  6. What a sweet story! I was looking for that smile all day! Thank you!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

  7. I love your stories! I wanta be more like you when I grow up.

    First Grade Delight

  8. Just awarded you with the "One Lovely Blog" award! You can grab the award on my blog!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  9. Tammy,
    Your voice rings from this slice. I love the line: "My horse was so thankful."