SOLS 10/31 2012 Sentences

She is sister, daughter, wife, and mother.
He is brother, son, husband, and father.
She is psychedelic. He is Camouflage.
She is speaking above the rhetoric.
He is listening and learning.
She is in your face and getting it done.
He is thinking it through and weighing options.
She is talking it out- I’ll tell you how it makes me feel.
He is I’ll keep it to myself-you should know how I feel.
She is right now.
He is patience.
She is whatever-let it go.
He is it matters and holding on.
She is tattoos and hair dye.
He is clean shaven and a burr cut.
She is big city and fenced yards.
He is wide open spaces and the front porch.
She is city streets and street lights.
He is dirt roads and the starry sky.
She is loving and forgiving.
He is protective and apologetic.
She is funny and caring.
He is giving and serious.
She is sister. He is brother. She is daughter. He is son. She is wife. He is husband. She is mother. He is father.
They are two nouns battling between verbs and adjectives in the sentences of their lives.