SOLS 13/31 2012 Last One

Tonight was the last one I’ll ever attend as a high school parent. I’ve been to my share through the years, academic, baseball, and volleyball. This one has always been my favorite. It is relaxed and informal. The food is buffet style- home cooked and always in abundance.
When she was young she would get so excited when her name was called. It was her goal each year to add another level to her skill and accomplishment. This year I could barely get her to go. She has a boyfriend.
It is funny how times change. When she was young if the weather was bad, too hot, too cold, rainy, or just right it was where we headed to make her happy; inside on the yucky days- outside for the pretty ones.
It was where we spent many summer days. She learned to correct her speech when she was three with me sitting at the side and having her repeat the sounds each time she popped up beside me.
It is the place she took my breath away, and I learned she was nothing like her brother when it came to taking chances and trying new things.  She talked me into walking her out to the edge of the tallest one around when she was two. I was petrified. She jumped. “Can I do it again momma?” She giggled as she emerged. I sat on wobbly legs and promised maybe next time.
I do not swim. I do not like water unless I am sitting beside it with a good book, or it is spraying down on me in the form of a hot shower.
My daughter is a fish. We used to tease she had gills instead of lungs. It was only fitting when she joined the swim team in first grade they were called “the sailfish.” She has been a swimmer since before she could walk. If she was fussy I put her in a bath and she was appeased.
She could swim the width of a pool at two, and jumped off the high dive at her first swim lesson. She has more medals than we have room to hang, but we’ve tried anyway.
Tonight was our very last swim banquet. There was good food, laughs, awards, and pictures galore. When it was over she drove off to see the boyfriend.   
There won’t be any more high school banquets for me. I will never again watch her grin as her name is called. Tonight she just lookedbored.
I saw the years of banquets, medals, and awards, as she accepted her last. I was so proud.  
But I was more proud of me.I didn’t cry!  



  1. Awwww.....I'm right behind you. My baby girl is a junior this year. My, how time flies!!! Boyfriends---blek, spit, barf!!!!! After all of those sound effects, I really do like Morgan's boyfriend--he's a great kid, but my baby likes him too much!!!!!!!!!

    I'm proud that you didn't cry! I'm sure it was a very conscious effort!!!!

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  2. The best part of this being the last one... is that it is also full of new beginnings. You are so blessed and I'm looking forward to what is to come in the years ahead for your family. Thanks for always making me feel a part of it!