SOLS 14/31 2012 A Bit of Blanery

I know- I know it’s all my fault. I should have never started it. But I just couldn’t help myself. It just kind of hit me and then spiraled from there. After I thought about it- it probably wasn’t the best idea before spring break, but I’ve never been the best with timing.
I didn’t really plan for it to happen the way it did, but they were just so cute I had to continue with the “not so well thought out but fun plan.”
The first part of the morning nothing was amiss. We came in said our pledges, did our independent reading, and gathered on the carpet to begin our morning and week.
As I went to sit in my rocker I picked up my mystery box and turned around. They were so oblivious. That was when my crazy idea hit me. “Who put this in my chair?” I asked in my gruffest of voices. “Not me they all chimed at once.” “Well I didn’t” I stated somewhat accusingly. Wide and full of innocence they assured me they had not either.
I sat down and decided to shake it just a bit. “Well” I started, “should we try to infer what’s inside?” Mutual nods of affirmation ensued.
We shook it. We smelled it. We listened, and inferred about what may be inside based on our senses and questions.
After we narrowed it down to a few things; I opened it and peered inside. I peered inside and then put on my most puzzling of faces when I pulled out a piece of paper. “What’s it say they chorused excitedly.”
“Well first of all it’s not what I put in there,” I explained. “It’s not” they worried too, “what does it say?” I read it to them and their eyes were so big it was hard for me not to laugh out loud.
It was a poem that said a leprechaun is somewhere in our classroom and he would be watching them and leaving them clues all week. They were enthralled, excited, exuberant, and a little apprehensive.
“Where is he” they wanted to know. “I don’t know, we’ll have to be quiet and see if he shows himself,” I replied.
After last recess they returned to green jelly beans on their desks.
“Thank you, Mrs. T. Klinger” they all chanted. “What are you talking about?” “The jelly beans” they exclaimed. “I don’t have any jelly beans.” “Oh my gosh” one yelled, “it was the LEPRECHAN!” That was all it took they were gone for the rest of the day.
Yesterday we read “Leprechaun on the Loose” by
It was PERFECT it’s a story about a leprechaun loose in the classroom and only one boy sees him. The leprechaun leaves footprints, licks the frosting off their cupcakes and gets into some other mischief. The boy Sydney gets blamed for it all, so he concocts a plan to catch him during recess.  
From then on anything that was amiss in the classroom was blamed on OUR leprechaun. A pencil on the floor-the leprechaun, a cube forgotten to be put away- the leprechaun.
This morning when they came in that sneaky little leprechaun had gotten into my paint and left footprints on my wall and desk!
Oh my here we go again. Finally we decided to get into groups and devise plans to build a trap and catch that sneaky guy, just like the boy from the book.  The plans and traps were hilarious and quite ingenious for first graders.  
We will be excited to see what the little guy has in plan for us tomorrow. I’ll bet there are some cupcakes involved and few the frosting has been licked off of. Oh and did I mention he’ll be leaving his favorite drink an “Irish shake?” Made from lime sherbet and sprite of course.
Do you think I am bad for telling so much Irish Blarney this week???



  1. How fun! Even though it makes them crazy it is so worth it.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  2. Tammy, oh my, you are making me miss teaching first grade. This is so cute what you're doing, & I know it's extra work, but they are so enthralled. I love that they're setting traps. I love the pictures! You must be such a loved teacher. And aren't the little ones so sweet? Happy St. Pat's Day!

  3. It's amazing how easy it is to get caught up in St. Patrick's Day! I had a similar experience in my class... I normally don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but when our smart table stopped working I mentioned briefly that it must be a leprechaun and it just grew from there. The kids made leprechaun traps at home and Monday we'll be doing a leprechaun hunt. Today, they all explained how their traps work and it's amazing how much thought they put into it! I can't wait to see their faces Monday morning when we find his pot of gold on our leprechaun hunt!

  4. Great traps! I'm following your blog now too. Thanks for stopping over to see mine. Looking forward to sharing great ideas with you.


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