SOLS 8/31 2012 Fickle ol' Lion

The morning awakened me with powerful splats of rain, and the ping of hail against the lateral of my house. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Wind whipped around the eves roaring its mighty March growl.
As I stepped from the shower I listened to the steady silence.  I quickly gathered the dogs and tossed them into the yard hoping to beat the next round.
As I readied myself for work I kept one ear tuned to the radio and one to the weather outside.
Arf! Nick was the first to let me know the next round was here.
The wind-chill 31 degrees- yesterday it was 44 degrees warmer.
The kids came in with rosy cheeks- winter clothes replaced the flip flops of yesterday.
 “It’s cold Mrs. Klinger” was their morning greeting.
The rumbles and rain chased us through our morning routine. Finally lunch arrived and the disappointment of yet another inside recess.
With our activities on the ready; my teaching buddies and I silently flitted out of our rooms to find harbor away from the rumpus of bounded play. After our reprieve we reluctantly trudge our way back to our classrooms.
I caught sight of them on the peripheral of the school yard. I stopped for a closer look. I watched as many floated within the rainfall-some as large as my hand. Snow.
The kids were excitedly standing tip-toe at the windows edge. “It’s snowing!”
“Time for Writers Workshop,” I reminded. “We can write about it raining snowflakes.”
But I was too late- it was sleeting.   
The March lion reared his ficklest of roars today.      



  1. I loved all of the imagery you used to describe this crazy month. The rumpus of indoor recess is my favorite!

  2. Poor Nick! What a whirlwind of weather you had today. I do love your imagery, too. I think I've experienced it all, but never in a single day. I hope tomorrow is a bit more like a lion for y'all!

  3. Wow! That is some drastic weather change. I loved anticipating the snow.

  4. Love that you wrote about our wonderful weather today! That was my original plan, but changed it midway through!
    First Grade Delight

    1. great minds think alike...and I couldn't think of anything else. :)

    2. Indoor recess. Makes for a long afternoon, and really dull writing, because they watch a movie!

  5. Hi Tammy, we had that too! Shorts on Wed. & back to sweaters today. I love this: "The March lion reared his ficklest of roars today. " Beautiful line.