SOLSC 18/31 2012 Fun With Fonts

I love fonts! They are fun and inspiring.
They make me smile I love the names they are given. 
Cajun boogie is one of my favorites is makes me want gumbo and zydeco. Rebecca’s birthday reminds me of a little girl’s birthday party with streamers and balloons. Claudia Jean makes think about a great aunts letter that was written long ago, and found among her family’s things after her days have come to an end.
Digs my heart is one that pulls me in and makes me want to write words of my own. It seems part print part script scrawled on a torn piece of paper on the way out the door. Firefly castle gives me the feel of a warm summer night writing among the stars and of course the fireflies light. Life is good assures me that life is indeed good. 
And Crazy goofy cool reminds me of the days I embarrassed my daughter in front of her friends being crazy and goofy while she tried to be cool. Butterfly kisses feels like a soft whisper upon my cheek and down this road brings me back home. Storyteller writes about who I am. Sweet Home Oklahoma is about where I belong.  
Kentucky Fried Chicken is finger lickin good, and cream and sugar is sweet. Pass the chex means it’s time to party or to tailgate in the fall. 
Wizards Magic conjures up images of cauldrons and spells. While rough day sums it up in a nut shell.    
Fonts can make me feel silly, funny or warm, they can be stuffy and formal or frivolous and fun
They say a lot about you, and tell you much about me. And of course my favorite one of all is the one called TAMMY!  



  1. That's my favorite too!! :)

  2. It's bad when I begin looking at fonts...I can spent hours! It's too fun...

  3. Sweet Home Oklahoma-that's where I'm from! I must explore the font. Thanks for sharing this fun entry. I'll have fun sharing it with my students tomorrow.

  4. You are too funny Miss Tammy! I looove fonts though too! Have a Happy Sunday!

  5. Who knew there were all those names? How cool is that! I have downloaded an app on my IPod that lets me write the ABC's, then it will turn it into a font for me. I want to do it, but have run out of time (a la too much time on the computer. Thanks for this Tammy. You are so creative & I love that there's an OKlahoma font & one named Tammy!

  6. Well... isn't this just the cutest little blog!?! I am stopping by to say Hi There, Roll Tide :) and thanks for your visit today! ~Kristine