SOLSC 20/31 2012 Fragments

So many thoughts, feelings, and words swirling in my heart and head. Pieces I see or hear but can’t gather them together just yet. Scattered dreams. Visions I see. Memories of places I’ve been or have yet to be.
Words that grab me. Phrases that tap on my heart looking for a presence. A place to call home. Visions of what could be-should be-but have never been.  Wanting  Needing a beginning, middle and end.
Fragments of places sounds feelingsmemories
float before me like wreckage from a tsunami adrift on the sea of my thoughts with no destination.
I gather them in and wait. Wait for the pieces to fit -the collective to begin. I wait for the story they belong to, to start flowing from my pen.



  1. I'm waiting for those pieces to fit together before I write my slice today. Would you like to be a guest writer on my blog today because I don't think I'm going to get mine together!

    First Grade Delight

    1. you will get it but yeah I'd love to be a guest writer what fun!

  2. Sounds like a poem to me. You've got it!!

  3. ImagineIt is a teacher resource that our school district uses. I am not to fond of it because it is all whole group instruction.

  4. Your blog is filled with fabulous resources and that is why I am nominating you for the "Beautiful Blog" Award!!! Visit my blog to learn more about this award.

    Deb at Fabulously First

  5. Your pieces will fit together and even when you think they don't they do. Keep sorting and sifting. It' will settle.