SOLSC 24/31 2012 My Writers Ear

Today the hubby and I went to the town where my son goes to college. We met him there and then went and picked up my hubby’s birthday gift (a little late). We then traveled another forty miles to the small town his dad lived in to gather some of his things.
If you were to meet my husband you would probably think him to be very quiet and maybe a tad (just a tad) “redneck” or “Okie.”
He is that. But he is also more.
We were young when we met (you can read all about that here). He drove a truck, wore cowboy boots, and wore shirts with the sleeves cut out before Larry the cable guy made them the redneck craze.
       He has always been a man (and boy) of few words. He is always supportive of my writing and my love of reading, but he would rather spend his time fishing or hunting.
He is not the romantic type and very rarely goes all out for anniversaries, birthdays or holidays. His idea of giving me flowers is picking them from my bush (or his moms) and bringing them inside.
But if I ask him to do something, make something, or help me in some way he is endless in his pursuit to please me.
He’s a bit (just a bit) on the sarcastic side and loves to tease and joke.  I’ve never thought him to be poetic or eloquent- that is just not his way.
But in our drive today I found that he is very poetic. I realized I don’t always have my writer’s ear turned on when we are together. I have been missing so much.
One of my goals through this SOLSC (after reading so many great slices); is to listen better with my writer’s ear. I want to remember (or write down) the things I hear from people, songs, sounds, things, around me.
Today as we rode together this is part of what I heard from my husband, with my writer’s ear and heart.

Riding in the Car
It is really getting green
  The rain has been good
     It’s easier to look at-the green
It’s not as harsh on your eyes
     as the brown of winter
There are the horses
   Let me know if you’d like me to stop
for a Kodak moment
     I have to say
they have the prettiest part
   of Osage county
We’re almost there
   Thank you for riding with me.
                           -Donnie Klinger  



  1. I love the idea of listening with a "writer's ear." So much appreciation when we tune ourselves to it!

  2. Love the poem and love the idea of a writers ear! A perfect idea for students to get them to listen to the world around them.
    Thanks and sounds like you had a great drive!

  3. That's a beautiful piece. What a wonderful way to honor a beautiful relationship.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thank you Tammy he's a pretty great guy!

  4. What a reat moment in time...about a guy you clearly love dearly.

  5. ... ahhhh writer's ear!.... LOVED IT
    Dragonflies in First

  6. This is so lovely. I love how you listen with your "writer's ear". I need to do that, too. I really love how you spaced your poem - the end of each line, the white space. Nice!

  7. Tammy, what a very, very special idea, for many people, but you honored your husband so with this. It is poetry, & to record him like this is such a great thing. I love these words: "I realized I don’t always have my writer’s ear turned on when we are together. I have been missing so much." What a marvelous perception right now. You could write a book about this listening stuff!