SOLSC 23/31 2012 Nothing Better

Do you know what’s better than spending the entire day with your kids shopping, eating, and laughing?
Today was a much needed day of relaxation and escape filled with my family’s favorite activity (if they can’t do the actual) of shopping for fishing and hunting at the new Cabela’s in Wichita, Kansas.
We all piled in the car and headed north this morning. We have been to the Cabela’s in Kansas City and love it. We were in high hopes this one (much closer to home) would be just the same.  Although a bit smaller; were not disappointed. Hunting, fishing, camping, clothing, yummy snacks, house goods, and even shoes it was a smorgasbord of outdoor delight for my family and a few things thrown in for me.
From there we went to RED ROBINS (can you hear the singing?) for lunch. The waitress was sweet and bubbly, while the hubby was off to the bathroom she asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday today. I told her no but that hubby’s was a few weeks ago. “That’s close enough” she informed us. So at the end of our meal a band of waitresses sang Happy Birthday to hubby dear, as he turned red, and the rest of us laughed.
From there we hit another great outdoors place, a western store, and then yay lucky me we got to go to Kohls and TJ Max!
It was a great day, much needed, and greatly appreciated. 
Nothing better in my world.



  1. Glad your day was filled with greatness.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Fun day - I especially love the "close enough" birthday celebration!

  3. Did you forget to mention your hubby in that first sentence! lol I'm glad you guys were able to go and spend a fun day together. I'm totally jealous...although I did have an outing with my hubby and his wonderful family today ~ which lasted way toooo long! Thinking about you!

    1. oh yeah him too lol I was writing for BOTH of us! haha