SOLSC 30/31 2012 Beginnig? End? or The Present?

Yesterday I showed glimpse of things from my notebooks that I write in. Today and tomorrow I’m going to treat you to a few writings from my children. They are both uniquely different individuals (how does that happen) and yet they both have a gift of writing from the heart. Something I hope they got from me J.

In their senior English class they are asked to write journals based on topics or questions the teacher gives them. Today I will share two of my son’s entries written in 2008 and tomorrow (if I can steal it from her) I will share two my daughter wrote this year. My son-Kanten, likes to write and does most of his through song and poem. Hadley does not like writing, but I still have hope. Just because you don’t enjoy it does not mean you aren’t good at it.

Kanten begins his journal with this quote from Robert Frost:

You’re searching, Joe, for things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings-there are no such things. There are only middles.”

The Nonexistent Beginning
Life itself, ends when you die, that is a matter of science; but a person never really dies. The aura of the person continues to live on in many people. If someone thinks that life always ends at death then they too are dead. They cannot see what someone who has died continues to contribute after they are gone. Beginnings are an odd idea. There always seems to be one for everything, yet they do not begin when they seem to. A marathon may start at 1:00pm on a Saturday afternoon in August, but preparations for it begin a whole lot earlier. It takes a whole life to train for a marathon. It also takes a whole life to see that beginnings to someone may be the end to someone else. In essence, beginnings and endings run together, to form the present, the most important part of life. You cannot restart life, and you cannot decide when you want to quit, it is already decided.

This second entry is more personal and hard for me to retype. He titles it Everyday and the question for his writing is: If you could take back any deed you have done and do it differently what would it be and why?

          If I could take back any deed it would be when my great grandpa used to pick me up from school. We would walk to his house, I would have taken his hand and walked with him, rather than holding onto his arm and practically dragging him home. My great grandpa is blind and he used to pick me up from school every day when I was little. I used to walk with him hand in hand, but as I got older, I grabbed his arm. He never did say anything; I knew it kind of hurt him.
And there I found the seed of my story I started that summer. Grandpa passed away the spring after Kanten wrote this. I started my story that summer, but still have not finished it (yesterday’s slice). In my notebook I leave out the fact that grandpa is blind until much later, but I added that he was blind yesterday since I wasn’t writing the whole story. Linda (Teacher Dance) suggested I do this too, so I’m glad my first thought was on track.
The problem is publishing companies don’t seem to want to buy stories like these. Too bad.
Tomorrow, on the last day, a slice from my daughter and me, a beginning and an endor is it just the middle in the present? 



  1. Especially poignant for me right now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. First, thanks for acknowledging my comment, Tammy. I wish I could add to your followers, but I already am one, BTW. And-this is just a lovely end to your slicing, or as Frost said it so well, a middle, perhaps. I love that you posted some of your children's words, & they are special. What a great story that links you all, & is perhaps a 'beginning' of something bigger, right? Can't wait till tomorrow!

  3. Just back from my cousins funeral and happen to find your blog and post! Wonderful and poignant ! So true about death not being the end. So well put. Thank you for sharing.