Toes SOLS #3 2012

Who knew toes could bring such joy?
If you think about it toes are often what brings a smile to a face and can make or break a warm spring day. If your toes aren't ready then neither are you. 
They are the first thing you check when the doctor hands you that tiny bundle, and the one of the first things that tells you all is ok.
When my babies were young it was their toes I would tickle and tease. It brought a tender smile to their cherub faces and a gurgling giggle teeming out when I would nibble or begin “this little piggy
As they grew the walks began on tip toe, and tippy- tippy toe was how they scuttled when we played peek-a-boo.
It was tipped toed as they stood to see what brought the delicious smells from the place that to them seemed so way up high. Up they would rise on the very tip of their toes to snatch a cookie or fried steak after they spied the spot it rested and cooled.
Like all young girls- my girl loved to have her toes painted and trimmed. The brighter the better; she promised “it makes me go faster” when it was her turn to swim. I secretly liked them as bright as she did, it help me find her amid the sea of goggles and suits from my perch in the stands.
“Drag that back toe” was what my son was told when he wanted to pitch. “Be ready- on your toes should the ball come your way.” But it was my toes that were bouncing and straining to help me see- whenever he hit that ball out of the park... over the row of trees.
“Toes in the stir-ups not your heels” was how I was taught to ride (and taught my kids too). And it was my toes that gave that extra boost when the saddle was too much of a hassle. Bareback and bare feet were my favorite way to be
I learned to dance by standing on my Uncle’s and daddy’s toes. The waltz has never been the same.
It’s my toes I want rubbed after a long stressful day, when I’m sick, or cold. And at least one set of them must peak out of the covers each night so I can rest and sleep.
It is the toes that dig in the sand at the edge of a bay, and are the first to be dipped before a summers plunge. They are what mud is made for as it squishes and oozes its way to the top. And mine can even reach and grab when I’m too lazy to bend.
I can pinch with my toes, pop my toes, and scrunch them to make a shoe fit. I can wiggle them, knead them, and bend them back, but please do not tickle them.
Toes are a source of laughter or pain. They can bring a smile or make me shed tears (when I crack them on the foot of my bed). 
They can do just about anything I’ll betalthough I haven’t tried to eat with them.yet.   
It’s my toes that can bring a spring to my step- just newly painted and ready for flip flops. Or they can be hidden away in clumpy muddy boots because winter has decided to drag on.
Today is the day for my toes to take a bow. It’s sunny and warm and we’re ready to make a show. I’m off to the nail shop for a soak, a rub, some conversation and fun. I think it will be coral- the brighter the better and a flower or polka dots to add some flair. Then who knows- my next stop might be some color for this HAIR!!



  1. Reading this made me appreciate my toes so much! Loved it. I'm jealous that your toes are going to be beautiful...out there for everyone to notice!!!! I'll keep mine hidden for now..underneath my socks where they are warm and cozy. Have fun!!

    First Grade Delight

    1. Look if I read this on my phone there is a reply button!! Waaa whoo

  2. wow! I never thought if toes like! now I will though :) enjoy your Pedi!! im jealous :)

  3. And next time you can talk about hair, because we do that too for little ones. We are still waiting for my newest granddaughter to get more hair! I love this, Tammy, you covered so much that I can connect too, like the horses one, and the baby toes we love to kiss! My favorite is "I learned to dance by standing on my Uncle’s and daddy’s toes. The waltz has never been the same." Me, too-brings back fond memories! thanks, Tammy!