12 More Days

        I am not very nice sometimes. I like to make people squirm and get a panicked expression in their eyes-namely parents. It’s really a lot of kind of fun to torture them as they are sitting across from me during conferences. It’s a deer in the headlights type of look and shame on me but I did it three times tonight. Hee hee.
They sit down fully expecting to hear how wonderful their child has done this year, what great readers they are, and how far they have come.
          But instead I pull out a reading test and start by saying: “this is the reading test we took and it shows they are on a kindergarten reading level.” The look on their face is hilarious. I pause. Then I say “at the first of the year, and this is the one from this monththey are now on a 3.7 or 2.5 (or whatever it is) reading level.”  I laugh as I watch relief wash over them. Just a tad bit evil I know.  
I am meeting with the rest of my parents next week on Monday and Tuesday and then my conferences will be done for the year. And in 12 school days our school year will be over. We have a new state law that says if a child is not reading on grade level or passes the state reading test by the end of third grade they can be retained up to THREE times in third grade. It has done away of social promotion in grades K through 3. Does your state or schools have anything like this?
Today I got teary eyed at the kindergarten program. Wasn’t it just yesterday my two kids were on that stage? Geeze I wonder what the last week of school is going to be like?
Wednesday a few of my teacher buddies and I went to a conference with Matt Glover. He is co-author with Katie Wood Ray on a book, and he has written a book of his own about writing with young children and writer’s workshop.

It was a very good conference. He gave great insight into making books with children and how to conduct writer’s workshop in grades PreK-2. My teacher buddies do not do writer’s workshop in their classes. But I think I may have converted a few of them. The Kindergarten teachers have been sending down some very creative authors from their classrooms to share their books with me. I am so excited for next year!

Today we read “If You Give a Dog a Donut” by Laura Numeroff. We then made donuts from biscuits in a can. My kids think I am a genius and the best donut maker ever! One of them suggested I open my own donut shop, but one little girl quickly corrected him and said “no way then she couldn’t be our teacher!”
I guess she doesn’t realize I’ll only be her teacher for about 12 more days!


  1. Tammy, you are just too silly. Those poor parents! I can't believe you only have 12 more days. We are out June 6th! Lots of time left. I love your last little bit. Sweet girl to know so much!

    1. Wow June 6th that seems like forever! But I'd take it this year...

  2. 12 more days?! June 1st for me. Nice job on converting some of your teaching buddies. It's hard not to come to the dark side when they see what your kids are writing I'm sure!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. THREE times?!?! That's horrible...one year, we DID have a kid that was in his 3rd year - and he had to have SO MANY READING MINUTES! It was almost impossible!!!

    And I LOVE making donuts from biscuits!! yum!

  4. Your state law is interesting - after a 2nd time in 3rd grade, wouldn't there be some resentment??? And frustration??? And I wish I was brave enough to act that way with parents. :)