An Eggs-tra Special Monday and Other Info You Weren't Aware Of

Holey Moley this was one Loooooonnnggg Monday. Recess duty allllllll day and it’s been in the 80’s here so the kiddos already think it is SUMMER and have completely tuned out to anything educational!
We had a few little conversations about that bit of news today which went something like: “it is not summer yet you still have LOTS of LEARNING to do before the end of school.” And it spiraled from there.
       “No you may NOT take your shoes off in class, and yes you must do your work.”
“I’m sorry you went to the lake this weekend and you got sunburnt, no you may not pull your shirt OFF your shoulders.”
“No, you cannot take all your work home to do, but you may take a note telling mom about what you did instead of your work.”
“Yes, I love your new flip-flops; I’m sorry people keep stepping on them because they are too big.”
“No you may not go dump the sand out of your pants right now, do not sit in the sand pile with shorts on.”
And finally one little stinker lovely sweetheart yelled said in her loud voice (which is the only voice she has) “MY BROTHER SAYS THERE IS ONLY 17 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT.”
To which I promptly broadcast pleasantly replied “no there are much more than 17 days left and it wouldn’t matter if there were 7 you still need to keep quiet and complete your work. we still have so much left to do and learn.”  
Seriously we still have like 27 days left and in real time that’s A MONTH and A HALF!
I forgot to post pictures of my freebie yesterday (go figure) 

and my bestestteacher buddy posted pics of what I’m giving away on my “contest” well duh how smart is THAT!! So here are pictures of both and you can find more info about the contest here!

AND guess what?? I already have some guest bloggers lined up and one of them is FARLEY from Oh Boy 4th Grade!  She came on her OWN so you all lost out on the extra entries! And she got them!! Whoop Whoop!
I’m still waiting on ATeeny Tiny Teacher and The FirstGrade Parade ladies! Who will get their entries!
There are some other great Giveaway's out there you should check them out too!

Better hurry it all ends FRIDAY!



  1. I like your egg math. Thanks for sharing!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Tammy your post cracked me up! My kiddos came back from break today and thought that it was daycare or something. I told the same little boy FOUR times today to put his shoes back on and that I know daycare is feels to earlier for these conversations :)

    Kindergarten Hoppenings

  3. I wonder if things will settle down as they did today here. The temp was in the 80's yesterday, & today the high was in the low 40's. We may have flurries tonight. Students back from break were in shock. You made me laugh Tammy with the words from the students. I love the flipflop one! Thanks for a little peek into your day!

  4. Hey you!! This post made me laugh! And made me happy that I'm not back in school yet. :)
    I want to enter your giveaway . . . I'm just afraid to commit to guest blogging right now. As soon as I go back to school next week, I am going to be BUSY. With a capital B U S Y. So . . . I don't know what to do!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. heee heee why do you think I'm trying to find guest bloggers??? lol It's just for fun really, about this summer????? lol