Great Guests!

Do ya’ all know AbbyAlley at Ms. Alley’s Class?

Ms. Alley's Class

 Well if you don’t you should. She is a guest blogger today at Teaching in High Heels

She has written a really interesting post about teaching vocabulary. You should take a few minutes to read it and learn some interesting tips about teaching vocab in your class.

While you are out and about you should check out the really sweet ladies that are going to guest blog for me soon.

Ashley at Live 2 Learn is going to be visiting on Monday so make sure you stop by. She has some great ideas, and a super cute blog.

Tammyfrom Forever in First has said she will be a guest as well. You should skedaddle on over to her blog now she has some really neat math ideas and pages.
Farleyfrom Oh Boy 4th Grade has said she would be happy to pop over for a visit. 
That sweet Teeny Tiny Teacher really waaaaaannnnts to stop by for a chat but, she is waaay busy right now, so maybe a bit laterlike June or Julywe’ll see.  
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

AND she doesn’t know it yet but ol’ Miss Delighted will be stopping by as well. She’s used to me just telling her when to show up, I’ll promise her dipshe’ll be here. 

Don’t forget to stop by here to enter the contest/giveaway. It all ends Friday! I’d LOVE to have more guests. Remember you get 5 extra entries if you do.Teacher’s Cauldron? Teacher Dance? Buggy in Second Grade? Ladies? ANYONE??? Ya' all don't know me as well as Delighted so I won't be as pushy as I am in real life, I'll even say please! 
April is a crazy busy month for me. But guess what tomorrow is FRIDAY (for us anyway)! And my big brother is coming to town. The cowboy from Montana, who makes cowboy hats for a living, and he’s bringing my funny sister in law and my super sweet niece. WOO HOO!
I just love company, at home or on here. You are always invited in!



  1. You're so sweet!! So glad I found your blog too!!


  2. Wow Tammy. Thanks for mentioning me. (I love how you slipped Miss Delighted in there too.)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Tammy, I love reading your blog, but I'm so busy & this April, I am writing a poem a day so I'm not sure what kind of post I could do for you. Do you have an idea of what you'd like? You may have to really convince me (te he).

  4. Yikes! You really need to stop bullying me! I'm shaking all over just thinking about it. You know I can't do that! Shoot... you would have to throw the dip in there to entice me wouldn't you!!!! You are evil. :-)

    First Grade Delight