Hallelujah, Amen and WOOO HOOO!!

          Can I get an Hallelujah, Amen and a WOOO HOOO!! Testing is OVER! DONE! KAPUT! I am sooooo happy for it to be done (and so are the kiddos). This year was particularly grilling because instead of just the survey edition of the Standardized test like we usually do, our sweet princi-PAL decided to step it up and do the CORE testing which was about 10 pages longer-translation TWO DAYS longer. BUT HOO-RAY we are DONE!!  
In between all that testing we did have some fun. We started our Biography/Autobiography unit using The Teacher Wife's super cool unit. Check it out your kiddos will enjoy it as much as mine I’m sure.
We also took Tammy’s ideas from Forever in First about poetry and worked on poetry for our Poetry Anthology. The kiddos LOVED sketching the objects and then writing poems about what they drew.

We did two days together looking, discussing, sketching and writing a class poem. They turned out pretty cute. We decided the back of a magnet looked like a speaker and came up with this fun poem. The kids were having such a good time reciting the “Little Speaker” poem the other first grade teacher had to come in and see what ALL the noise was. They really got into the Boom Boom Booms!

This week we will continue with our autobiographies and poetry writing. We made “wonder wands” today and will be taking them outside tomorrow to look and sketch things we find around the school and then come back inside to “use our poet thoughts and thinking” to build great poetry.
Well I have two of the milestones over for this month. My daughter’s prom was Saturday night and YAY it was a success! I got the prom dress taken in, made the vest, ended up making the bow tie (heaven forbid the oranges did not match! Eek!), put on make-up (hers not mine), and gave the boyfriend a haircut.

New sandals or boots?

Boots of course!

Daughter and Daddy

Next up academic awards and scholarship banquet, OSU graduation, high school graduation, parties for each, and moving the son to his new home, please someone give me strengthor drugs! LOL!


  1. Your poetry is great! It's always inspiring to see what other poets are coming up with. Congrats on crossing two milestones off your list. Good luck with the rest!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. My goodness you are busy. I can see why you're celebrating the tests being over! The poetry is darling, a happy time for your first graders doing both autobiographies & poetry. And finally, how wonderful are those prom pics. High school kids are such fun & you sound like you had a good time, too! Thanks for sharing all Tammy. Have a wonderful last few weeks too!

  3. Found your blog on TBA! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...