I'm So Excited I Just Can't Hide It!

 I've been waiting all week to share my good news. I could hardly keep quiet about it. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops and put it up in lights; I am so excited.
I know it’s not that big of deal to many. And a lot would think I’m kind of weird. But not me, I am excited, thrilled, ecstatic and ready. It will be a memory I’ll savor for a lifetime.
I don’t know what to wear. I don’t know what to take. I bet I’ll need some new shoes (I always do). I think I might have to take my camera, and my notebook too. But my swimming suit will not be needed (ever).
I’m taking my bestest buddy, and maybe our hubby’s (or maybe not).
Are you going too? Are you anywhere near? If you are you need to sign up ASAP because last year was THE best, and this year is sure to be the same.
What AM I talking about? Why the All Write Institute of course. In Indiana. It is SO great. If you are close you should go.
Ruth will be there, and Debbie, Donalyn, and Ralf (supper will be with him) just to name a few. And my idol, the one that I love, love, love- Katie will be there for one session too. I saw her last year along with DEBBIE MILLER. That was a memory I will always cherish. I wish I’d had the nerve to say hello.
Wouldn’t it be fun to meet some blogging buddies there too? If you are in Warsaw, Indiana, June 21st or 22nd let me know. We’ll have lunch.
We’ll swap stories, and pictures, laugh and learn then swoon over such writing/teaching greats as Donalyn Miller, Debbie Diller, Ruth Ayers, Patrick Allen, Katie Wood Ray, and Ralf Fletcher.     


  1. Seriously jealous but thrilled for you!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. So funny--Warsaw is just outside of the city where I grew up! That's now a million miles away from me, so I won't be there. But so fun for you! Yay! I know what it's like to get to be the student in a workshop that inspires you. What a great thing to look forward to!

    Primarily Primary

  3. Shhhh! You are making me homesick!!!

    First Grade Delight

  4. How wonderful is that, Tammy. There is a small chance I could go Tammy. I have found a new place for my husband, & he moves in tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it will be just right for him. I can't go away long, but maybe I could go to Indiana! Thanks for making me excited about something! I really hadn't even thought of it until now! Good for you for going!

    1. I will keep my fingers crossed Linda and you had better let me know just as soon as you find out!!! It would be so much fun! I hope the new place is a great fit for him, and gives you some peace of mind knowing he is happy.

  5. Ahhh, this looks like SO much fun. I have been dying to find some sort of fun professional development workshop/conference to go to this summer. Would I be crazy if I drove all the way up there from Alabama? =)

    1. I'm driving from Oklahoma! For the second time! lol Come on!