Not a Slice a Freebie and Currently No Fooling!

Well it is April and the Slice of Life Story Challenge is over. I made it every day this year. Last year I had technical difficulties, but I made sure that did not happen this year.
I LOVED the slicing challenge and comments I received this year.
As much as I love blogging and the whole bloggy world the connections and friends I have collected through the Two Writing Teachers are like an old familiar quilt pulled from your grandma’s cedar chest. They envelope you and make you feel safe, secure, and content.  
       If you did not join in the challenge it is not too late you can still slice every Tuesday throughout the year, and hopefully find your way to their challenge next March. It is life changing.
Tonight I sit listening to the ACM’s on TV I once again am hearing with my “Writer’s Ear” as the music flows from my TV. Jason Aldean sings about the “fly over states.” I am so happy to have the pleasure of living in one of those fly over states. I wonder if my “Writer’s Ear” can find a story or at least a slice in those words? Maybe by Tuesday!
       Don’t forget I have a “Contest” going on!  I have yet to hear from Kristin or Farley.lolIt ends Friday
       And while I’m listening to the ACM’s I made up a quick Easter-ish Freebie for you. Click here to grab it!
       Tomorrow is Monday UGH! We are in charge of “Rise and Shine” this week (assembly) double UGH! AND Testing starts next week Quadruple-uple UGH!! BUT we are out this Friday! Yippeee.
       I’m linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4thGrade the very first day of April this month because the rest of this month is going to be crazy busy! You should 

       Have a great week Ya’all!  



  1. Glad I'm not the only one watching the ACMs.. love me some country music! =) I am also dreading testing next week...ugh! No fun! =)

  2. I have eyes in the back of MY head - for real! ;)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. You too Tammy-What a busy time you're about to have. Wow-I'm returning from spring break & trying to get my head around the organizing of starting again. You are ending; I am beginning. Here we go!

  4. Hey there! I updated my blog so that you can follow me now. I think you found me through a recent linky party. Sorry for the delay, I'm still pretty new at things! eek! Please visit again over at freefallinintofirst. Thanks :)