Random Winners...Random Thoughts

Well it’s here! It’s Friday and time to announce the winners of my super-duper contest/giveaway whatever you want to call it.
 Because I am SOOOOOO tech savvy and I had such an easy time trying to give the sweet ladies that said they would guest blog for me their FIVE extra entries I made pictures for you.

I gave everyone a number. I wrote the numbers on tiny pieces of paper. I put the initial of the ladies that said they’d blog on tiny pieces of paper and numbered them 1-5 (except for ol Delightedshe gets dip). Then I stuck them all in a bowl, stirred them up. Asked my daughter to pull out three of them, see her arm she didn’t want her face to show. And WA LA we have winners.
Mrs. Irwin won a 15$ gift card from Amazon. Dee from First Impressions won a 15$ Chili’s gift card yum yum. And Miss Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade won a 30$ Zappo’s card SHOES she gets SHOES. I love shoes. It’s the only thing I can buy a size 7 in!!!

I’m adding some photos of my cutie pies from yesterday. We made bunny ears and pinned fluffy tails on them. They then preformed the Bunny Pokey in front of the whole school and parents. They had great fun shaking their fluffy tails all around.
They wore their ears all day especially when we worked on our jelly bean estimation. They really enjoyed the day. Monday we will be doing an inference activity with some eggs. I’ll have the sheets I made to go with those on TpT soon.
Did you know they have flip charts for Common Core? I have one for our state standards, and when we went to our workshop last week the lady told us they have them for common core now too!
You can get them here, but if you live here in Oklahoma don’t buy one just yet the lady also told us our state has bought a WHOLE slew of them, so maybe we’ll be getting one for FREE! Yeah I knowprobably not but you never know.
Happy Easter Bloggy Buddies I hope you all have a really fun and wonderful weekend. Next weekend my baby turns 18. Another party...



  1. See good thing Farley agreed to guest blog...that's how she won shoes lol :)

    What cute rabbits you have hehe :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

    1. I agree! Those bunnies are adorable- my favorite is the one with his ears down!
      Happy Easter!

      Going Nutty!


  2. Your students are so darling, Tammy. You made me laugh about the size 7 shoes. I think that's all I can wear in a 7 1/2! And Happy Easter to you and all your family too!

  3. Happy Easter, Tammy! Thanks for following my blog! Yours is SO cute!

    Oh, AND, you've been tagged! :)

    "Hop" back over to my blog to see the details!

    Just Tinkerin' Around

  4. You are featured on my blog today


    Ms. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders