Currently Lazy

We are out of school today and I should be cleaning, cooking, paying bills, plucking my eyebrows, painting my toes, making lesson plans, etc. But instead I am reading all the fun Currently on Farley’s blog Oh Boy 4th Grade, and waiting to go get my hair cut (YAY).
My mother-in-law will be here soon. My son is graduating tomorrow at 4:00. We are meeting his sweet girlfriends’ mom tomorrow at 11:00 for the first time- for a birthday lunch for girlfriend. Going to a pre-graduation reception at 3:00 and then graduation at 4:00, any idea what one wears to all these functions?
PhotobucketOnly 8 more days at our school and 9 more days until the daughter graduates and the cleaning, plucking, painting, cooking, clothing thing starts allllllll over again. 


  1. Dear Ms. Shake, Rattle, and Roll . . . I'm dancing with you!! Life is good as we cruise out of testing mode into our end-of-year celebration . . . sending smiles from the south . . . . you inspire me!


  2. Oh, hope that your day tomorrow is just great. It's a special time, as you know, so enjoy every bit of it! Whatever you wear, I bet you'll look great! (Maybe wear waterproof mascara, if you wear any, because of the tears!) Thinking of you tomorrow Tammy!